Who is more popular? Mahinda or Wimal?

Normally, Wimal does not argue with Mahinda. But, two days ago, he claimed that he was the creator of the wave of supporters around Mahinda. “I made this wave. No one dared to get out after losing the January 2015 election. I myself made the Mahinda wave in February. It was after the Nugegoda meeting I held that those who were scattered got out without any fear.”
Angered by that, Mahinda said, “You didn’t make any wave. People have been with me always. People like me. What you did was to rob and tarnish my image. See, how many cases are there against you? You are still not in trouble because of me.”
An emotionally-charged Wimal retorted, “You tell me so after I did all these for you? Basil clung onto the wave I created, and then broke my party into pieces. These are being done to serve India’s needs. We know that.” Losing his temper, Mahinda abused him in utter filth.
Some of the persons present videoed the incident and sent copies to the president and the prime minister.
Leaving in anger, Wimal went home, but got involved in a quarrel with his wife too, and left. Reports say he is now staying somewhere outside Colombo.

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