Wife of the Eastern province Governor scolded and threatened a group of Hindus in Sampur.


Sampur villagers are angered by the wife of the eastern province governor who scolded and threatened a group of Hindus in the presence of state officials and tarnished Tamil cultural symbols at a religious site in Trincomalee. 

Deepthi Bogollagama accompanied her husband to the Skandakumara Kovil at Maddalamalai mountain at Sudaikudah, Kunithivu in Muttur. Regional correspondents voided how she trampled on the traditional ‘Kolam’ decoration there with her footwear. As the women cried out, ‘Muruga, Kali Amma’, the governor’s wife pointed her finger at the women and threatened to ‘do it’ for them, video footage show. Policewomen accompanying her had their footwear removed. As angry women demanded that she be taken away, policemen and policewomen took her away, reports say.

Governor Rohitha Bogollagama was there to inquire into a dispute after two Buddhist monks from Seruwila demanded the Kovil stopped digging a drinking well, saying an ancient stupa was located there. Mutur Pradeshiya Sabha assisted in the digging of the well around 100 metres away from the Kovil.

Poosari Rasiah Padmanathan says he is from the seventh generation that is committed to make offerings there for gods Skanda, Kali and Bhahirawa.

Buddhist heritage
Chief incumbent of Seruwila Mangala Rajamaha Vihara Munhene Mettarama Thera has told the media that he has informed the secretary to the president that Buddhists had a right for the site in question.

Poosari Padmanathan says the Tamil Veddah people of the area are the oldest patrons of the Kovil. He is surprised by the claim by the two Buddhist monks.

Kovil’s treasurer Chandra Mohan says making offerings had been taking place there for a long time although there were no permanent buildings at the site. The Kovil was registered in 2013 and construction began with the support of the development fund for religious places.

The governor ordered Trincomalee district secretary N.A.A. Pushpakumara to demarcate the land and inquire into the registration of the Kovil built four years ago. He also ordered acting Muttur divisional secretary A. Thahir to stop the digging of the well.

When area residents pointed out that they could have no water without a well, the governor promised to supply water by bowzer. The Kovil is being provided with special security, says Trincomalee DIG Nimal Perera, adding that a report from the Archaeology Department is awaited for the future course of action.

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