Britisher’s death head injury or drug OD? Police awaiting Govt. Analyst’s report

By Paneetha Ameresekere

Uk.and_.SL_.relations-364x245The death of a British national, whose body was found in Maligawatte early this month, could be due to a drug overdose or due to his head being struck by a three wheeler, Officer-In-Charge (OIC) of the Tourist Police, Prabath Withanage, said yesterday (10).

“Anyway, it is an open verdict and investigations are continuing,” he said. Two persons have been arrested in connection with the death and the victim’s body parts have been sent to the Government Analyst’s Department for further investigations,” Withanage said. The victim, instead of taking his flight home, had taken a cab and had got himself dropped in the vicinity of Maligawatte where he had lodged in an inn. The victim had then made the acquaintance with one of the two suspects who was a three-wheeler driver, the OIC said. “He had wanted heroin,” said Withanage.

The three-wheeler driver had then taken him to a place close by, where, after paying Rs 2,000, the victim, had obtained his dose of heroin. The victim had then gone to the suspect’s residence, which was in the vicinity of Maligawatte and had injected himself with heroin, the OIC said.

Consequentially, the three-wheeler driver had found him dead. He, together with a friend had then disposed the body after covering it with a sheet in the vicinity of Maligawatte. He had also burnt the deceased’s belongings. Whilst taking the body for disposal, in his three-wheeler, with the aid of a friend, who is the other suspect, the head of the victim had struck against another three-wheeler belonging to the ‘second’ suspect, Withanage said.

“So, we are also exploring the possibility of whether this death was caused by the three-wheeler accident,” he said.

When Ceylon Today sought the view of the British High Commission on the British national’s death, the High Commission’s Communication Manager Dianne Silva wanted these questions filed by electronic mail (e-mail). At the time of going to the press, there was no response to this e-mail inquiry.

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