Find a political solution for the Tamils through an International legal framework – Northern Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran

Northern Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran stressed on the need to find a political solution for the Tamils through an International legal framework. Wigneswaran was addressing a special meeting, convened by the Tamil People’s Council (TPC) under the theme ”informing people’.

Prof. S. Swarnaraj (Former professor, Law Faculty, University of Colombo) who participated in the peace talks during the Norwegian peace facilitation period was also present at this special meeting which was held at the Jaffna Veerasingam hall on Tuesday (16).
Chief Minister Wigneswaran said this TPC meeting was not convened with the intention of antagonizing any political party or criticizing their political stances.

He added, “The TPC is a People’s movement to create awareness on the political aspirations of Tamils and its intention is to give the right guidelines for the people. The TPC has embarked on the task of educating and informing the people what is right and wrong.”
Wigneswaran said that the International Community is looking forward to a constructive response from the Lankan Government towards devolution of powers and a judicial mechanism on investigating alleged war crimes.
“The Government is trying to prune the powers of the Northern Provincial Council by not devolving adequate powers. The Central Government expects the Northern Provincial Council to be its puppet. The efforts have even been made to get away from the investigations into the alleged war crimes,” Wigneswaran claimed.

Wigneswaran also reminded about the United Nations Human Rights Council’s meeting that is scheduled in March this year where the participants will look into the progress made in implementing the UNHRC’s resolutions.
“The people should be well informed about the progress made in every aspect of dealings with the UNHRC resolution and on the so called interim report into the new Constitution,” Wigneswaran said.

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