‘Sword Sirisena’ secretly invited 2 SC judges to Paget Road to smuggle out Gota ; Judges arrived in minister Mustafa’s car !

(Lanka-e-News – 26.Jan.2018, 10.00AM)  It is no less a person than president ‘Sword Sirisena’ who has halted the arrest of  notorious culprit Gotabaya Rajapakse , while the whole world is aware it is Gotabaya who misappropriated  over Rs. 90 million public funds to build a mausoleum of his parents .

The president also  went as far as to   secretly send Gotabaya out of the country when he was about to be taken into custody over the mass murder of prisoners  committed within Welikade prison , Western province chief minister Isuru Devapriya stated openly  in his confession.

Unbelievably , the responsible president who acted this irresponsibly and criminally  despite being  the highest in the hierarchy of the country has still not denied those serious allegations mounted openly against him.

With a view to help Gotabaya to flee the country , the president has got down the then president of the appeal court L.T.B.  Dehideniya and another judge to his Paget Road residence secretly , and issued instructions to them , based  on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Faizer Mustafa the minister of local government and provincial councils who had transported the two judges on the sly in his car to Paget Road residence  to meet the president. 

It is well to recall  it is Judges L.T.B. Dehideniya and Shiran Gunaratne of the appeal court who gave an interim order in a day to restrain the filing of action under the public Property Act against Gotabaya the  crook. Besides, the restraining order that was taken up for hearing on 2017-12- 15 was extended until  2018-01-25.  Meanwhile Gota  fled to America on medical grounds. According to reports reaching Lanka e news , Gota who is in California is not suffering from any illness and he is meeting his  henchmen there which  has received publicity via You tube.

It is well to remember it is the same two judges L.T.B. Dehideniya and Shiran Gunaratne who even without hearing the trial acquitted Kumaran Padmanathan alias  K.P.  the only surviving leader  of the three LTTE leaders on 2017-12-04 . The decision delivered by these two judges that there are no valid charges even  to proceed with the case against K.P. a traitor who supplied weapons to the LTTE during the entire 30 years period of the War   sent a wave of rude shock across the whole  country.

Interestingly , Dehideniya who gave verdicts to suit Sirisena’s whims was promoted as Supreme court judge , and Preethi Padman Surasena who was the president of Sirisena’s presidential Commission was appointed to fill the vacancy which arose  following Dehideniya’s promotion from the post of appeal court president.

Dehideniya was elevated to SC judge position because the two SC judges , Anil Gunaratne and Upali Abeyratne  alias Pissu Poosa went on retirement .There is one more vacancy in the SC . Saying , he would promote AG Jayantha Jayasuriya to fill that vacancy , the president has made the AG  a  puppet in his hands to exploit  him to the maximum to serve president’s villainies.

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