13 SLPP members to join the UNP – Range Bandara

State Minister of Irrigation Palitha Range Bandara stated that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party does not possess the strength to break away from the UNP to form a separate government.

He further stated that no amount of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) deserter will be enough to bolster the ailing SLFP as 13 members of parliament from the SLPP have already pledged their support to the UNP further reinforcing the political power of the UNP.

In such a situation of political instability the SLFP cannot hope to form their own government State Minister Bandara said.

Speaking to the media at a gathering in Anamaduwa, Palitha Range Bandara stated that once the 13 SLPP members join with the 106 UNP parliamentarians, the SLFP will have no option but to concede defeat.

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