Crimes committed on behalf of the Rajapaksas

Today, our story revolves around Mudiyanselage Tissa Wimalasena, a resident of Wellawaya. A servant of the Rajapaksa Walawwa for some time, he joined the Army as a soldier, and fortune good found its way to him when he was a corporal in 2006.
After being Mahinda Rajapaksa’s driver, he introduced himself as Capt. Tissa by the time that rule ended. However, no one in the Army knows how he was promoted. He should be given the captain rank for the crimes he committed on behalf of the Rajapaksas. This Tissa is the main suspect in the murder of Wasim Thajudeen. Attempts by the Rajapaksas to send him out of the country were prevented by the CID.
From the outside, he looks blameless. He has 12 bank accounts and Rs. 1.1 million to his name. His properties include two motorcycles only. But, the CID found what his wife, an average housewife of Wellawaya, has – a Land Cruiser jeep, seven lorries and 10 buses, a two-acre land in Wellawaya, 25-perch land at Rajagiriya, two roods and 21 perches at Medalanda in Delgoda and 15 perches at Kendalanda in Delgoda.
Those are only what have been reported to the CID. Investigations are ongoing so is important for everyone to know the media biased in these news. Only Tissa and his masters, the Rajapaksas, know how he earned those.
The best part is yet to come. Knowing that if Tissa falls into trouble he too, would be in trouble, Mahinda tried to send him out of the country. After failing that, what he did was to send him to Dudley Sirisena, brother of his successor. Now, Dudley is Tissa’s boss. No better example is needed to describe today’s politics.
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