SIS polls survey predicts out of 341 victory for UNP 238, Mahinda (Flower Bud) -42; TNA & MUSLIM CON. 58

(Lanka-e-News – 03.Feb.2018, 9.45AM)  On 10 th of February ,local  government elections for 341 local councils is to be held , and president Maithripala Sirisena after betraying the national government wholesale is (ab)using his full executive powers while uttering all the possible lies in his characteristic style during the election campaign. Despite his dastardly and desperate  efforts , according to the final round of the latest survey conducted by the State Intelligence Service (SIS) had revealed , the Maithri- SLFP group will win only in three local councils based on reports reaching Lanka e news.

This report had already been handed over to the chiefs of of the security council including the minister of law and order  , the president and the  Prime Minister .

The SIS report predicts  , the UNP will emerge victorious in 238 of the 341 local councils ,  the Flower Bud will secure victory in   42 councils , and as regards the  remaining number of councils , the victories will be shared between the Tamil and Muslim political parties . The report also states the JVP will not win even  in a single local  council .

The president after receiving the report had said ,’ what matters to me is the percentage of victory of the SLFP Miathri  group.’ However the SIS has intimated to the president the Maithri-SLFP group will only  secure  less than 10 % victory.

The electorate where the Maithri –SLFP group will win  is   Polonnaruwa district  , and that will be in 3  local Councils although there are 8 local bodies this time. (Earlier there were only 7 councils until a new council was established )  .In other words in 5 councils in the fortress of Sirisena ‘raja’ , the latter is going to face defeat .

Meanwhile , based on unofficial reports  , most postal votes of the three forces under the president have been cast in favor of Flower Bud , while a majority of the votes of the police have been cast for the UNF elephant symbol .

Fundamental theory of Democracy

The fundamental theory of Democracy which applies following  elections is , the new mandate overrides and negates  the old mandate .In accordance with that , president Maithripala who is  carrying the leadership of the Maithri SLFP group on his shoulders like a coffin to all the districts across the country will be able to secure victory in only  3  out of the 341 local bodies in  which circumstances he cannot truly continue as president of the country.

If he has an iota of  shame in him , this is the opportunity for him to prove that by resigning  honorably . The opportunity is also knocking at his door to refute the widespread allegations against him that he is a most ungrateful  ‘talking animal’ only.

It is well to recall how a former  prime minister of England when he lost at the referendum ‘Brexit’ led by him , he  immediately resigned of his own volition the following day because the opinion he steered forward  was defeated,   without anybody requesting him to do so ,even when he had three years more to go on as P.M. ( and his party too  was still in power in  Parliament)

If President Sirisena is truly  introducing a new political culture , he must set an example by tendering his resignation  following the humiliating defeat without disgracefully clinging on to the exalted post like a blood sucking leech .

Besides , Sirisena’s SLFP  will be facing defeat for the third time on this occasion. This time if it is going to be a crushing defeat , it is while he himself had been the president for three long years !  In the circumstances , it is high time he realized his limitations and instead of trying to do things which are beyond his capacity , resigns the post of leader of the SLFP , at least for  its  betterment.

A mean Machiavellian leader like Sirisena who is faceless ,rudderless , unscrupulous and mendacious has only demonstrated so far he has  no  means or methods to earn victories for the country or his party ,let alone his family. A modern family hopes that their children will succeed in education. They do not hope , no not for all the world ! their elder daughter should elope with a fisherman or the younger daughter should play ‘games’ with a sand miner to ultimately be buried with him in shame .

The other members of the party should therefore understand ,because of capricious and   crooked leaders of the SLFP, its members had to resort to all the villainies and treacheries in their own search  for secret and safe berths in others’ camps .

53 years old JVP

If leader of the JVP ,Anura Dissanayake who always says , ‘’In  2020, the country will be JVP’s’’ cannot win a single local body election , let alone winning over the country , that party should take a decision against that failed leader. Otherwise , while bragging  about a socialist revolution for the past 53 years , the vicious cycle of violence which include their committing murders , seeking elections and again committing murders and so forth will continue. Until Anura Dissanayake loses his mental equilibrium (unless he is not already) and dies, he will have to go on with his seeking elections , committing  murders , forming  alliances and putting through sordid deals in the future too in the same way as were done before. Nowhere in the world there exists a 53 years old decaying party which captured power after becoming that old. In the future too , there can never be.

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