Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake Says There Wont be any Inquiry By Army Into Brigadier Priyanka Fernando ‘s “Throat Slitting” Gesture Against Protesters

By Indika Ramanayake

Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake said that they would not be conducting an inquiry the actions of the Defence Attache of the Sri Lankan High Commission in UK Brigadier Priyanka Fernando after he was spotted making a throat slitting gesture towards protesters who thronged the Embassy office in the UK.

“On the day of the incident the protesters who were carrying LTTE flags had shouted slogans against the Sri Lankan government and sung songs in praise of Prabhakaran. The Brigadier who was standing inside the premises of the Sri Lankan HC had pointed to the Sri Lankan flag on the shoulder of his uniform and gestured that the Sri Lankan government had already ‘taken care’ of Prabhakaran,”the Army Commander explained, added that it was not in any way or form a threat meant for the protesters, a claim made by those who had viewed the incident on the internet.

He said he would update the President on what had taken place tomorrow(9).

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