Law & order ministry to Fonseka? – Gotha to fly back to USA

We reported on the 16th that Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka is to be given the law and order ministry, and that there have been several requests to the president to appoint him to the position.
This has caused worries for the Mahinda faction and those connected to corruption in the previous regime. The government has failed to fulfill the 2015 promise to punish the corrupt, murderers and plunderers. The law and order and justice ministries did not make sufficient attempt to do so and was one main reason for the votes against the recent mini polls.
Both Wijeyadasa Rajapaksa and Sagala Ratnayake have been accused of indirectly protecting Mahinda Rajapaksa and his henchmen. This has caused both to leave their ministerial positions. 
Worried by the latest development, the Mahinda faction is doing its utmost to prevent the appointment of Fonseka to the position. They are using his being a former Army commander and not being a lawyer to their advantage. The ministry has all the resources to implement the law and what is needed is a fearless minister to implement policies. Fonseka has that ability. Another argument by the Rajapaksas that Fonseka would try to exact personal revenge for his being arrested and imprisoned after the 2010 presidential election. 

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