Bimal & Sunil meet Sri Lankans in London

Several members of the Committee On Public Enterprises (COPE) including its Chairman Sunil Handunneththi and the National Organizer of the JVP Bimal Rathnayaka are in London to participate in a special workshop organized by British parliament for members of COPE.

During the three day workshop in British Parliament, Mr Bimal Rathnayaka participated in a seminar in Stockholm in Sweden organized by the JVP. A large number of Sri Lankans irrespective of their political leanings participated.

Mr Bimal Rathnayaka also had a special discussion with the President of the Communist Party of Sweden.

Both Mr Bimal Rathnayaka and Mr Sunil Handunneththi also participated in a well-attended seminar organized by the JVP Committee in Britain. They have had a special discussion with the Communist Party of Britain.

Several discussions and seminars also have been organized in Birmingham, Bolton, Liverpool, Brighton and in Harrow in London.


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