Demo against vandalism of Hindu temples

A mass demonstration was held yesterday in protest against the attacks carried out on Hindu places of worship in various parts in the Northern Province.

Several Hindu organizations, Hindu religious leaders and representatives of various temples had participated in the demonstration, carrying the Nanthi (Bull) flag, the symbol of Hinduism.
Hundreds of Hindus chanted slogans against the attacks on Hindu places of worship and called upon the government to prevent such attacks.

According to the organizers several Hindu places of worship in the Northern Province, particularly in the Mannar District, have come under attack in recent months.
The attackers have destroyed the statues of the deities placed inside the inner shrine rooms of the temples in the isolated areas of several villages in the Northern Province.

Yesterday’s demonstration started at the Nallur Kanthaswamy temple premises with prayers at 10 a.m. Later the demonstrators went in procession along Temple Road to the Kailasapillaiyar temple where a brief meeting was held to highlight the vandalism against Hindu temples.

Later, the demonstrators went in procession to Northern Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran’s office in Nallur and handed over a petition to him to be sent to the President and the Prime Minister calling on them to ensure the safety of the Hindu temples.
The petition was also handed over to the Chief Minister, to be given to the Governor of the Northern Province Reginald Cooray.

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