Tamil Canadians Condemn Anti-Muslim Violence in Sri Lanka

The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) unequivocally and strongly condemns the targeted anti-Muslim violence being instigated by extremist groups in the central and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

 Over the past few weeks, Muslim homes, business and mosques have been destroyed by orchestrated mobs.

 “Tamil Canadians are deeply disturbed by the rise in targeted violence directed at Muslim communities in the Central and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka” said Dr. Vadivelu Santhakumar, President of the Canadian Tamil Congress.

 “The government of Sri Lanka must take decisive and swift action to protect Muslim communities across the entire island from extremist violence and threats to their safety, “said  Danton Thurairajah, Executive Director of the Canadian Tamil Congress.  “Government inaction to protect its citizen and uphold the rule of law during this new wave of violence towards Muslim communities only serves to bolster and sanction such hatred and violence.”

 The Canadian Tamil Congress calls on the Government of Sri Lanka to take strong and immediate action to prevent the violence from spreading, and to hold perpetrators and instigators of these targeted campaigns of the violence accountable through the legal channels.

  The Canadian Tamil Congress also urges the Canadian government to pressure the Government of Sri Lanka to take measures to end the targeted violence against ethnic and religious groups and ensure their safety and protection.

 For more information, please contact Canadian Tamil Congress: (416) 240-0078.

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