Those involved in violence identified but will not be charged.

The government says those involved in the unrest in Digana and Teldeniya have been identified. But it is said that none of them will be charged because of there close links to a VIP of the new party and involvement of Buddhist monks.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet decisions media briefing, co-cabinet media spokesperson Minister Rajitha Senaratne said those involved in the clashes belonged to a political party but refused to name the political party due to pressure from a government VIP.

The Minister said of the four individuals involved in the incident in Digana, two were newly elected at the recent Local Authority Election, another was a Head of the party and a district organizer and the other was a monk involved in the party. Minister Senaratne said in the Teldeniya attacks the government found a Parliamentarian of the Kandy district and another Secretary of an MP involved.

Although the Minister stressed stern action will be taken against those who organized the incidents no one takes it serious because the PM or the President will stop any action to be taken against the organisers of the riots. This government came to power saying that they will take action against the Mahinda and his brothers who are accused of Frauds and killings, but after three years in power no one has been charged and the press reports say that the PM and the President have been missusing there powers to protect the VIP’s of the former government.

 He charged violence was carried out against minorities because the government received all the minority votes adding the main aim of the parties which lost was to break the minority votes from the government.

The Minister stated groups attempting to spread racism on social media have also been identified adding action will be taken within the next few days against the individuals who were responsible for this. Minister Rajitha Senaratne also said the government has identified the social media platforms in which this was happening adding it is necessary to ensure steps are being taken against these activities.

He stressed the government had been notified regarding social media profiles and those responsible for it and the group going against the government.

The Minister added there’s another group of individuals trying to spark communal violence adding some of them are attempting to target the President and the Prime Minister while another set of individuals are paying and using them to inflict racial disharmony.

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