MAHINDA’s performance sparked new wave of racial violence- Bimal

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s success at the Local Government Elections gave the physical power to the new wave of racial violence in the country, JVP MP Bimal Rathnayake charged.

When Parliament took up the Regulations under the Merchant Shipping Act, the MP digressed from the topic to speak on the prevailing communal tensions in the country.

He said it was no coincidence that a wave of anti-Muslim sentiments erupted in the country on the Halal issue just after the 2010 Presidential Election results and the same occurred after the recently concluded Local Government elections.

“The vote base of former President Rajapaksa is constituted of hard-core racists, religious extremists and those with a deep-seated war mentality. This is the absolute truth. If not, why did the so called heroes of Sinhala Buddhists not show the concern they had on ‘sterilization pill’ when a temple in the East which was about to be declared an archaeological site was bulldozed?” he questioned.

He pointed out the racial extremist groups mushroomed in the country after 2010 with the blessings of the then rulers and an anti-Muslim sentiment was created since 2011.

“There is a Muslim extremist faction also that aids this mission. However, Muslim community itself suffers due to Muslim extremism than the other communities,” he observed.

He pointed out the fear psychosis created among the Sinhalese on the dangers of country getting divided and the shrinking Sinhala population was a result of continuously feeding such terror into the minds of people over the past five years. “Those who make such allegations have got no concrete evidence for their claims,” MP Rathnayake added.

He pointed out no youth in Ambala, the village where an individual succumbed to injuries after being a victim of assault, has been arrested for involving in any violent act that ensued. “The violent acts happened in Digana which is 20 Kilometres away from Ambala. Racism was fed into the people’s heads. I request the Government to expose the naked truth of racism. The Facebook page titled ‘UPFA for a brighter future’ posted pictures taken in Tamil Nadu misleading the people as if those were taken in the North. I ask the Government to act against such groups. I also appeal to the Muslim leaders to stand up against Muslim extremism,” he noted.

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