No confidence motion : Sirisena plays into hands of Rajapakses ; When Ranil loses Sirisena to be ‘decapitated’ –Rajapakses’ plan!

(Lanka-e-News – 24.March 2018, 11.30PM)  It is a universally acknowledged truth ,  president Sirisena of Sri Lanka is breaking records as the most ungrateful inhumane human who ever  trod this planet by resorting to every devious , diabolic and dubious machination and method to oust Rani Wickremesinghe  from  the post of prime minister, the very political leader who was most contributory to put Maithripala  on the presidential throne.

Based on latest inside information reports reaching Lanka e news , foolish  Sirisena nicknamed  Sillysena, by promoting  the no confidence motion  via  his cronies and lackeys against his own P.M. is playing into the hands of most Machiavellian and murderous Rajapakses of the most notorious den of confirmed crooks and criminals  who were rejected by the people therefore. It has now come to light the Rajapakses who are eagerly waiting to grab power to suppress all the monumental crimes and crooked activities of theirs as well as those of their clan, have devised a well calculated plan and plot against Sirisena alias Sillysena to cut the  throats of Sillysenas , and decapitate the  Sillysenas  in   the event of the no confidence motion turning successful against Ranil. The have made this an opportunity they were longing for.

Already a majority (except 8 ) of the SLFP of Sirisena are on the sly  in league with the Rajapakses.  After Sirisena’s SLFP has slid down to a 4 % , and having come to know they would never again be able to enter parliament through Sirisena’s SLFP have  like weather vanes changed  direction with the prevailing wind  to align  themselves with the Rajapakses. In the circumstances , if by any  chance , some UNP ers break away , and the no confidence motion is passed with a majority , it is the plan of power greedy Machiavellian Rajapakses to appoint former speaker Chamal Rajapakse as the speaker at the same time and bring an impeachment motion against the president .

Impeachment motion – the two charges

Though one charge is sufficient against the president when a no confidence motion is being tabled , the Machiavellian Rajapakses have already prepared two charges in accordance with their own calculations: the appointment of two ministers by the president in violation of the constitution, namely Piyasena Gamage  and Muthu Sivalingam . Under the 19 th amendment to the constitution , the president can appoint ministers only with the consent of the P.M. In these two instances the P.M.’s consent was neither  sought  nor has the P.M. given his written consent. Hence the president has committed these two offences  by these two appointments – giving way for  charges  necessary for the impeachment motion.

Impeachment – procedure

The procedure to be followed under the constitution when an impeachment motion is to be brought against the president is as follows : 
If the impeachment motion is signed by over two third of the members of parliament , the speaker is bound to  accept it without questioning. On the other hand if it lacks that number and only  one more than  50 % of the signatures are there , the speaker can refuse to accept it. He can say the charges are not acceptable and refuse such an impeachment motion.

Under the laws , if the signatures are just only above 50 % , and if only  the speaker decides the charges can be accepted ,it is  then and only then he accepts the motion.  That is why in case the P.M. is defeated , the Rajapakses  want to first and foremost appoint Chamal Rajapakse as the speaker.

Even as the speaker accepts the  impeachment motion , the executive powers of the president gets restricted . He cannot make any appointments. He  cannot also legally sign as the head of the state since  the speaker has to forward the impeachment motion to the supreme court(SC) to ascertain  whether it is in accordance with the law.

Nevertheless ,Sirisena has the opportunity to go before the SC and prove he is not guilty. But as the two charges are very lucid, undoubtedly  it will not be possible for Sirisena to escape from the liabilities.

Thereafter the SC decision should be passed in parliament with a two third majority . With that the term of the president ends, and the speaker of parliament takes over as acting president . The speaker  must within three months call for presidential elections to appoint a president .

It is also the perception of manipulative Rajapakses that if Ranil is defeated with the aiding and abetting of Sirisena , certainly the UNP which will bear an inveterate grudge against Sirisena will extend the necessary support for the two third majority needed for the impeachment motion against Sirisena.

Therefore under the political climate noted in the foregoing paragraphs  , Sirisena the epitome of gratitude by trying to slit  the throat  of Ranil will only become an easy prey to the gory  guillotine of ruthless Rajapakses who were even anxiously waiting to send him six feet underground during the last presidential elections. Thus it will be   like defeating King Sangabo  . Poor foolish Sirisena who is now rightly  dubbed Sillysena is sowing the wind only to reap the whirlwind .

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