North to get its first Tamil governor

The Government has decided to effect a mid-term voluntary transfer scheme of all serving governors in keeping up with the Government’s policy of ensuring an effective public administration system, an officials said.

All serving governors who have completed three years of service in their respective provinces were called for a meeting at the Presidential Secretariat on Thursday shortly before President Maithripala Sirisena flew to Islamabad and the proposal was discussed. At present, governors are appointed for a five-year term.

During the meeting, the Governors were briefed that these transfers should be voluntary and they were asked to propose their preferential province they wanted to serve. The governors decided the transfer among themselves amicably.

“We expressed our preferred provinces where we want to be transferred if a reshuffle is made. However the final decision will be taken soon after the President returns,” a governor told the Sunday Times.

0012According to tentative arrangements, Western Province Governor K.C. Logeswaran is tipped to be transferred to Jaffna as Northern Governor while current serving Governor Reginald Cooray will be appointed as Governor of the Central province. Governor Logeswaran would be the first Tamil Governor of the Northern Province.

Uva Province Governor M. P. Jayasinghe is likely to be transferred to the North Central Province while Central Province Governor Niluka Ekanayake is expected to take over the Governorship of Sabragamuwa. Sabaragamuwa Governor Marshal Perera is to take over as Governor of Southern Province.

Southern Governor Hemakumara Nanaykkara is expected to take up the Governorship of the Western Province while North Central Province Governor P.B. Dissanayake will be switched to the North Western province. The transfers to the Uva and Southern Provinces are yet to be finalised.

Eastern Governor Rohitha Bogollagama who was appointed recently will continue in his post.

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