Tamil Pre-school teachers ordered to attend training at Military camp

The Civil Security Department has ordered teachers working at its pre-school in the Vanni region to attend 20 days of ‘leadership training’ at the Theravil military camp. 

Teachers were given military uniform with instruction to arrive at the camp tomorrow dressed in this attire. 

“When we joined the pre-schools to work, they assured us that no military training would take place, but now they are ordering us to attend military training under the name of ‘leadership training’,” a pre-school teacher who has been ordered to attend the training told Tamil Guardian, speaking on condition of anonymity. 

“If we do not attend the training we will lose our jobs, that’s why we are going to go,” the teacher added, explaining that many of the teachers had no option but to take the job offers due to the widespread deprivation within the families, which include many former LTTE cadres and wider unemployment. 

The teachers also expressed concern that the almost three week long training means they will not be able to spend Tamil New Year with their families. 

They are submitted a request to postpone the training till after the celebrations. 

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