Two soldiers arrested over Kandy violence but MP’s involved walk free

muslim_protest_london-1The Sinhale MP’s who support Mahinda Rajapakshe and who were involved in the riots were identified and statements were issued by the government MP’s to press soon after the riots, it is believed no action will be taken against them and the cases will be wiped under the carpet due to orders from President and PM.

President Maithiri and PM Ranil as usual protected Rajapakshe family members and their ministers who were accused of frauds and abuse of powers, although they came to power promising to take action against them to date no actions were taken against them.

“Young people will not vote for Mahinda due to the big wrongs you committed during his period, his feudal behaviour and nepotism,” Sirisena said referring to allegations that Rajapaksa siphoned billions of dollars from state coffers during his nine-year rule.

In Sri Lanka all Sinhala MP’s who are involved in racists attacks against the minority Tamils or Muslims are safe from the law due to protection from the government and opposition politicians.

Two Army Corporals had been arrested by the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) today in connection with violent incidents which broke out in Kandy recently.

The suspects were taken into TID custody on charges of setting fire and damaging shops and religious places of worships in Poojapitiya and Ambatenna.

Suspect Subasinghe Mudiyanselage Anura Bandara Wijesinghe (34) a resident of Kahawatte, Ambatenne is an Army Corporal (475030) attached to 143 Brigade Headquarters in Puttalam.

The other suspect Malwane Gedara Hasitha Wijeratne (38) is a resident of Kahawatte, Ambatenne and is a Corporal attached to Training college of Mechanized Infantry Regiment in Kekirawa.

They were to be handed over to the Poojapitiya Police today.

Army Spokesman Brigadier Sumith Atapattu said that they would conduct a separate inquiry over the suspects. He said that the Army would take disciplinary action against the suspects if they were found guilty. 

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