President for continuation of joint administration – UPFA Gen. Secy

UPFA General Secretary and Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister Mahinda Amaraweera yesterday said the Ministers, Deputy Ministers and State Ministers who had voted in favour of the No Confidence Motion (NCM) moved by the Joint Opposition (JO) would not be stripped of their portfolios.

Addressing the media, at his Ministry auditorium in Maligawatta, Minister Amaraweera, said President Sirisena was for the continuation of the UNP-SLFP government and a final decision in that regard would be taken before the next Cabinet meeting, scheduled for April 17.

Parliament is scheduled to meet again on April 19 after Sinhala and Tamil New Year holidays.

Minister Amaraweera claimed the relationship between the President Sirisena and PM Wickremesinghe had not been affected by the no-faith motion at all.

“If those who voted for the NCM had resigned on their own, the SLFP wouldn’t have cared,” Amaraweera said.

Some members of the SLFP Central Committee on Monday night demanded that the SLFP pull out of the unity government.

Although the UNP declared, on Sunday, that the Cabinet would be re-shuffled prior to the New Year, Minister Amaraweera yesterday hinted that the re-shuffle would take place after the New Year. The UPFA General Secretary stressed that the group loyal to President would remain united.

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