Tamil’s want Wigneswaran to continue as the Chief Minister.

By Ananth Palakidnar

Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran-1 has announced that the majority of the people in the North prefer him to continue as their Chief Minister, despite a recent statement made by Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran to the effect that Wigneswaran was unlikely to be named as the Northern Chief Ministerial candidate at the next Provincial Council Election.

Just prior to embarking on his first Indian tour yesterday (10), after becoming the Northern Chief Minister, a statement was …released by Wigneswaran in response to the announcement of Sumanthiran on not fielding Wigneswaran as the Northern Chief Ministerial candidate at the next Provincial Council Poll.

Wigneswaran announcing his Indian tour pilgrimage to Tamil Nadu, responded to Sumanthiran saying that he was forced to enter politics after his retirement as a Judge of the Supreme Court.

“Those who insisted that I enter politics and contest at the 2013 Northern Provincial Council Election told me that I could remain in the position for two years and someone could succeed me thereafter. However, I won the Northern Provincial Council Election with 133,000 votes which showed the confidence placed in me by the people in the North. In my political career as the Chief Minister I want to stand by the pledges made to the people when I contested the Northern Provincial Council Election. I don’t want to hide the enormous problems faced by our people and the atrocities committed against them,” Wigneswaran stated.

Referring to his role in the TNA he stated that he didn’t want to deviate from the pledges made by the TNA to the people at the Northern Provincial Council Election. “So that doesn’t mean I am trying to damage the TNA.”

“At present, the Northern Provincial Council has embarked on several development activities in the North. Wherever I visit in my Province, people want me to continue as the Chief Minister. The people’s wish is God’s wish,” Chief Minister Wigneswaran stated indicating his intention of contesting at the future Northern Provincial Council Election even if the TNA does not field him as the Chief Ministerial candidate.

Meanwhile, political sources in Jaffna said that Chief Minister Wigneswaran was likely to go solo if he was not given a chance to contest again on behalf of the TNA.

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