Wigneswaran Speaks His Mind out on ITAK’s Attitude & Thambu on High-time United Nations Acts on Sri Lanka

CM C.V Wigneswaran said he wouldn’t expect ITAK to invite him as the next CM, as he will not let down the Tamils to support the Sinhalese parties. For the first time he frankly spoke his mind in public.


Thambu Kanagasabai, in his article in Ilankai Tamil Sangam, highlighted the statements made in Geneva by the participants and echoed the feelings of the Tamils that it is high-time for UN to act on Sri Lanka. At a time the Tamil leaders had let the voters down, the Tamils have no choice, but to look for the international bodies to act. Please read on.  


NPC members visited and inspected the Sinhalese colonisation and building viharas on Tamil lands in Mullaitheevu District. Then they demonstrated in front of Mullaitheevu District Secretariat with slogans and submitted a memorandum to the president.  


The Sri Lankan military has admitted to detaining and questioning a Tamil journalist, whilst he was reporting on the army’s plans to appropriate land in Mullaitivu last month. The military tried to downplay it by claiming that it was only a “misunderstanding”.  See more from JDS here


Whilst calls for the Sri Lankan military to vacate their military bases in the North-East continue, the army held a talent show at its military base in Palaly last month, the site of a massive High Security Zone which remains inaccessible to locals and landowners, nine years after the end of the war.


TNA is clever in controlling all the LGs with the assistance of  EPDP and Sinhala parties. the latest was the Mannar Town Council. They don’t believe in joining the Tamil party TNPF, as their aim is to kill TNPF. TNA does’t mind the Sinhalese parties growing. It is the least interested in the welfare of the people and, believe it or not, Sampanthan is the most senior Tamil politician, with a wide range of experience. He knows best what the Tamils need.


This treacherous Sinhalese governor of the Northern Province, Reginald Cooray levelled corruption charges against the three newly NPC members. He didn’t mention who the members are or what are the accusations against them.


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