British MPs join Tamil new year celebrations

MPs joined British Tamils as they celebrated Tamil new year across the country.

In London, Conservative MP Paul Scully and leader of Kingston Council Kevin Davis joined celebrations at the Sri Raja Rajeswari Amman Temple, Stonleigh.

Speaking at the end of ceremonies, MP Paul Scully shared wishes from British Prime Minister Theresa May’s, who was due to join the visit.

Mr Scully further spoke on the work he does as the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPG-T).

“I’m determined to continue to work with you as the Appg-T chair to make sure we get the judicial process we want, reconciliation and end of human rights. So you have confidence in the safety of family and friends back home. And so you can go back and invest freely,” he said.

Conservative leader Kevin Davis, who came following a meeting with the Prime Minsiter in the morning offered further wishes from the Prime Minister. Mr Davis described the intention of Royal Borough of Kingston to further deepen its ties with Jaffna.

Speaking on the twinning agreement with the Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka and the Royal Borough of Kingston, he said,

“Only this week I was in correspondence with the chief minister of the Northern province about our next steps. We are hoping to put together a trade mission from south west London to visit Jaffna to start to build links with for business, for education and for all the things we said we’d build links with when we first made that twinning (with Jaffna) eighteen months ago.”

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