Chennai Police breach Law and arrested Comrade Kovan in Trichy amid strong opposition of People

Comrade Kovan, A well known revolutionary singer from People Arts and Literary Association was arrested today (14.04.2018) by the Chennai Police. Today a gang of Goons (Later they were known as un-uniformed police )  arrive at Trichy Aravaanoor in a Vehicle. They try to manhandle Kovan at his home and pull him to their vehicle without citing any reason.

On seeing this incident the People of Aravaanoor protest against them. Later the Police comes in uniform and arrested Comrade Kovan without even showing the FIR. Yesterday (13.04.2018), some of the newspapers from Trichy edition states that, there were complaints raised against comrade Kovan over his song on Cauvery citing it disrupts the PM’s image.

Already, when Jayalalitha was alive, Comrade Kovan was arrested for his song against Tasmac . Now the Tamilnadu government under the order of BJP has arrested Comrade Kovan and trying to shut his voice.

We request All the media and Press to expose this unlawful arrest and to give out voice for the Right to speech and express.

People Arts and Literary Association

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