Building of NEW Buddhist temples in North and East by Government

Racist Sinhale Buddhist party the National Freedom Front (NFF) today condemned the Tamil National Alliance’s (TNA) alleged attempt to halt the construction of NEW Buddhist temples by government in the Northern and Eastern regions where Tamils live who are Hindus, Muslims or Christians.

Racist Sinhale Buddhist party NFF National Organizer MP Jayantha Samaraweera said according to media reports the TNA had informed the Unity Government that it completely opposed the construction of NEW Buddhist temples in the Northern and Eastern areas. MP Samaraweera said TNA Parliamentarian M. A. Sumanthiran had stating to a national newspaper, had vowed that he would never allow constructing NEW Buddhist temples and had backed this issue from 2011. He said the NFF strongly condemned MP Sumanthiran’s racist statement.

buddhist-monks-protest-in-colombo 3Sri Lanka had seen Sinhale racist Buddhists monks had created many attacks on the minority Muslims, Christians and Hindus with the support of all governments which ruled Sri Lanka since independence.

He also explained that Buddhism which harboured and practised ‘Meththa’ (love and kindness) did not crate any harm or threat to any other religions. “This country was built based on the essence of Buddhist culture. It had never created any restrictions to the Hindu, Catholic or Islamic religions to function while safeguarding their identities. Buddhist culture had always led towards true national and religious reconciliation,” he said.

buddhist terrorThe NFF Organiser also added that the NFF was not surprised by the TNA’s request but the entire Buddhists should pay their attention to such statements as the Unity Government administration could grant such a demand in the future in order to retain their power.

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