Beginning of devolution

Dr Vickramabahu Karunaratne
Some Polpotian Marxists repeat ‘This is a new, a new situation, and a new and higher level of struggle left behind by neo liberalism and new priorities corresponded to it. Globally the bourgeois-democratic stage had passed, and with it the formal legal demand for national self-determination – characteristic of this stage – lost its former significance. Hence the slogan ‘overthrow the rule of the bourgeoisie on a world scale and set up the international dictatorship of the proletariat’ became the immediate practical slogan.

Therefore, the concentration on national democratic tasks is outdated. This means that national self-determination lost all significance.’ So Polpotian Marxists in Lanka are preparing an immediate red revolution that could replace all democracy slogans with the ‘self-determination of the proletariat’. This would have been to ignore the presence of backward countries like Sri Lanka which had not completely passed through the stage of bourgeois-democratic national revolution. There was a massive struggle in Sri Lanka for self rule by the Tamil nationality in Sri Lanka and Polpotian Marxists launch a counter revolution under the pretext of Desa Premi- patriotic movement. The result is a defeat for all with devastation of the entire country.

The problem is not over and second struggle has started. Liberal bourgeoisie led by RANIL has started a devolution and democracy programme with the intention of changing the Constitution with a Constituent Assembly. This is backed by the political leadership of minority nationalities.
They hope to launch a Gandhian mass action to compel the Government to go forward. Sri Lankan proletariat led by samsamajist and other left leaders campaign for this effort.  As Lenin said ‘The modern proletariat of advanced countries had to support these movements; with all its strength it had to struggle so that the accumulation of centuries of ill will and the distrust by backward people of the dominant nations – and of the proletariat of these nations – was overcome as quickly as possible. It was impossible to achieve this goal without proclaiming and conducting in practice the right of national self-determination. Moreover, even for a socialist society moving towards the elimination of classes the question of national self determination still remains a real one, as although based on economics, socialism by no means consists solely of economics.

For the elimination of national subjugation, a necessary foundation is socialist production, but it is also necessary to have a democratic organization of the State; a democratic Army and so on, erected on this base.’ So, we see that Marxist teachers always stood for democracy contrary to Polpotian Marxists who have betrayed the fundamental principles of Marxism.

By transforming capitalism into socialism the proletariat creates the possibility of eliminating national subjugation.

This is one of the pet phrases of Polpotian; but how on earth people can construct socialism if they haven’t got freedom that comes with democracy. Polpotian who construct one party one leader States of terror claim that all proletarians accept such terror regimes, as a protection from imperialist armed attacks. This argument again, should be accepted without any debate, international or local. On the other hand this possibility of socialism with democracy is transformed into reality ‘only’ – only upon the full establishment of democracy in all areas, the determination of borders according to ‘the sympathies of the population’, and the full freedom of secession. On this base, in its turn, the absolute elimination of the least national frictions and distrust develops in practice. The accelerated movement towards the integration of nations will be completed when the State withers away.The concept of the right of self determination is difficult to understand and it needs time and effort. It cannot be digested in a situation of hate and repulsion. Polpotians, in their simplicity and terror mentality, are unable to understand national problem. In this short discussion attempt is made to show what rich material is available for the study of the revolutionary dialectical approach to questions of law related to self determination.

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