Govt accused by those charged with fraud

Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam says certain factions are directing various accusations at the government with the aim of defending fraud and corruption charges levelled against them.

Speaking during an event in Nikaweratiya, Minister Kariyawasam said the government has ensured maximum freedom in the country.

Minister Kariyawasam stressed regardless of what happens within the present government, it is investigated and looked into adding even the Prime Minister went to the Bond Commission to provide evidence.

Meanwhile Minister Kariyawasam also responded to various accusations directed by the Opposition over the recent price hike in fuel.

The Minister said certain politicians recently stated that those in the Opposition are travelling by bullock cart because of the increased prices of petrol.

Minister Kariyawasam stressed however, these same politicians have forgotten what the prices of petrol or diesel were in 2014 adding even if the prices of petrol have increased, it’s still lower than the prices in 2014.

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