Mullivaikkal remembrance week commences

WIGNESWAREN (3)The Mullivaikkal remembrance events commenced with the lighting of flames in Chemmani and Mirusuvil in Jaffna, Uyilankulam in Mannar, and Mulankavil, to mark the first day of the remembrance week in the North and East. The commemorations were attended by former Jaffna University Vice Chancellor, Prof. S. Mohanadas, Provincial Councillors, local government and civil society representatives. The commemorative events will take place across the North and East in the run up to 18 May.

The Northern Provincial Council passed a resolution last week marking 18 May as a day of mourning for Tamils, in memory of those killed during the final phase of the separatist war.

The resolution was brought by NPC member Ananthi Sasitharan, during the NPC’s 122nd session last Wednesday, and was seconded by E. Jeyasegram.
It was passed unanimously without any opposition.  On Monday, NPC members agreed that in line with the previous 3 years, a remembrance event should be held for those who were killed. They appointed a committee to oversee arrangements.

The event will be held on land that belongs to the local council.

Meanwhile, the tussle between Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran and the Jaffna University students. over the Mullivaikkal remembrance on 18 May. has been sorted out with Chief Minister and the Jaffna University students agreeing to hold the Mullivaikkal remembrance day, as a common event.

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