Mahinda says Gotha may NOT be the JO candidate at Next Presidential poll

It was too early to reveal the name of the Joint Opposition’s presidential candidate, former president Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday. ‘People are talking about former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa as a popular presidential candidate, but he has not yet discussed the matter with me,” the ex-President said.

It is not a secret that Mahinda wants his son Namal Rajapakse to be the next Presidential candidate.

Basil Rajapaksha is preferred by some JO MP’s to be the next Presidential candidate than Gotha.

Gotha is known for terrorising the public and accused of man behind the White Van culture when he was the Defence Minister.

Most of the Joint Opposition MP’s do not want a Rajapaksha family member to be the next Presidential candidate.

Rajapaksha family members were living like a royal family members of Sri Lanka during the Mahinda rule. Rajapaksha’s are also accused of fraud and crime.

“We will name a candidate when the government announces the election. We have to decide on the matter considering the situation that exists at that point of time. Also one does not declare presidential candidates months before the election.”

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