‘Extortion Business’ by Government -Tamil businessmen were victims ! -A former intelligence officer discloses …

Expose`- Room No. 706 Holiday Inn rented exclusively for Gota , Neth FM Nihal , Gajanayake ‘extortion business’-

Tamil businessmen were victims ! -A former intelligence officer discloses …

(Lanka-e-News – 20.May.2018, 6.15AM)  It were Donald Perera and Probation officers of Karannagoda who  committed abductions , murders and extortions hiding behind the shadow of Gota. It is a well and widely known fact that Donald Perera was the most incapable incompetent Air Force Commander ever to hold that post in the history of the Air Force. Due  to  the  lascivious involvements  whilst driving his car Jayalath weerakody face accident at the Borella , subsequently  lost his post.    As a result of which Donald Perera could attain that position.  Donald nevertheless  holds the ignominious record in the history of the Air force as being responsible for  a plane accident. He was incapable of  a safe  landing of a plane.

Tigers built airports and  aircrafts during the period when Donald Perera was the Air Force Commander. After becoming  the Air Force Commander he chose Nishantha Gajanayake as his closest sidekick  – another scoundrel not second to him cast in the same evil and villainous mold of Donald Perera .

When Nishantha  Gajanayake was performing duties in the Mankulam  No. 1 operational range , this writer was the adjutant of the No. 2 operational range  .Group Captain Obeysekera was the group commander at that time. Gajanayake getting scolded in most filthy  language from Obeysekera was a common sight .

During the Mankulam operation, it was Nishantha  Gajanayake who fled to Vavuniya on a motorcycle after pushing a patient down to the ground  from it  who was being transported . Unbelievably it is such a scoundrel who became the closest  assistant of the Air Force Commander.

After Donald became the commander his official residence was next to S. B. Dissanayake’s when the latter was the minister of agriculture. It was then Gajanayake teamed up with Karuna  while Gajanayake the scoundrel became an asset to  Gotabaya when the latter  was just a piece of discarded dirt prior to elections. 

After Gotabaya became the defense minister, Donald was appointed as the chief of security council , and Roshan Gunatileke filled the vacancy that arose as Air Force commander . It was Karannagoda who was the Navy Commander from the time of Chandrika while Sarath Fonseka became the army commander during the period of  Gotabaya .

Karannagoda was the most senior among the commanders of the forces, and  Navy Sampath alias Sampath Munasinghe was his closest sidekick. Among the Navy extortionist group , D.K.J. Dissanayake , Sumith Munasinghe , Chandana Prasad Hettiarachi  and Nalin Prasanna Wickremesuriya played the key roles.

Karannagoda was most venomous towards  Fonseka  whose abilities he detested. Being a born rascal and villain he made sneaking to Gotabaya on others and arse- licking him part of his duties.

Karannagoda was of the view , the arms of the LTTE were being unloaded at Colombo port and not at northern coast . He sneaked to Gota that these weapons so unloaded are being released with the assistance of  UNP M.P.s , and are being transported to  the North by land route. 

Instead of protecting the coastal strip he pointed an accusing finger at Fonseka , and stupid  Gota gave credence to this story. Throughout the war period , Karannagoda was backbiting and sneaking on Fonseka to Gota .  Even at security meetings both did not speak to each other while Gota took full advantage of that to fuel  the enmity.

During the era when late Somawansa the JVP leader advised Mahinda Rajapakse to patch up the differences between  Fonseka and Karannagoda as it would otherwise be harmful to the war efforts , Mahinda at once retorted , ‘how can that be?’ If that happens , who is going to sneak to us ? Rajapakses , in other words thrived in the embitterment and enmities between the commanders of the forces, and therefore stoked those hostilities.

How Gota collected extortion from Tamil businessmen …

With Gota’s advent , there proliferated a large number of bogus patriots (cardboard patriots) . Gajanayake and his  Navy  group teamed up  with Gota . Their first move was to trail behind the businessmen in the south  who were allegedly providing funds to the Tigers. Neither Hendavitharane  nor Gajanayake could  trap those businessmen.

These so called patriots resorted to a different  methodology.  Gajanayake rented room 706 at Hotel Holiday Inn. Those businessmen abducted using the Karuna group were brought there.

 ‘We  have evidence that you are funding the Tigers. We  have received the list of the names of those who are providing funds to the LTTE . Karuna Amman is second in command of LTTE , and the information is very reliable. You know what will happen if you are handed over to the  TID… your bones will be broken and  crushed, ‘ the victims were told and blackmailed.

The poor innocent victims pleaded , ‘aney Sir, we have never given any funds to the LTTE, but please do not hand us over to the TID. We will  to do anything you want.’ That was the plea of every  businessman who was  brought there  .That was how those poor innocent helpless businessmen yielded to the ruthless demands of Gajanayakes. In  the same way the children of affluent Tamil families too  were abducted and extortion demanded and collected through blackmailing.

A portion of that extortion in ready cash was sent compulsorily to the spurious ‘us for ourselves’ account of Gotabaya . Those who faced death in many instances were businessmen and children of parents who sought legal recourse . Extortion money  of a  fairly popular Tamil businessman was collected in the Temple Trees itself . He has not uttered  a word about it  so far out of fear.

Nihal Epa who extorted money along with Gota….

It is Nihal Epa Seneviratne a lackey and assistant of Gotabaya who paid the room 706  bills . The present owner of Neth FM broadcasting channel is Nihal Epa Seneviratne.  The owner of Neth FM  Nihal Epa, the marketing manager of Gajanayake’s ‘extortion business’ was the one who came forward to get Gajanayake out on personal bail after Gajanayake was arrested.

Nihal Epa who was engaged in mass scale extortion then is this time running an extortion mafia under the ‘Belumgala’ program. The extortion mafia of Gajanayake has been  ‘modernized’ under the present program . Even if the jungle changes , Tiger’s stripes do not change. The criminal chain of Epa , Gota and Gajan is still not broken. 

The task of this writer during the period between 2005 and 2007 was wiping out the NGOs. The task specially entrusted to the writer targeted Dr. Kumar Rupasinghe who was the peace broker on behalf of Norway , and his  Anti war Front.

The writer most skillfully and craftily crept in as the policy planning coordinator of Rupasinghe’s  elite intelligence division .However amidst the Kalutara anti war rally , the writer was arrested  . With that ,the role of the Double agent ended.

The writer was taken into custody by the officers of the MSD detailed for security duty of Rajitha Senaratne ,on charges of being present at a rally armed with a weapon. Thereafter the writer was taken to Kalutara South Police station. In any case in about two  hours the bag with Butt model  T 56 weapon was released , and so was the writer . Exactly a week later this same bag was found thrown  down Martha Road, Borella.

Gota’s extortions were revealed to Lasantha, Bulitha and Lakshman… 

This is not the first time the writer is exposing this extortion saga. Bulitha Pradeep Kumara of Divaina is a friend of the writer. At the request of Bulitha , this was discussed with a senior officer of the CID. This took place at the police officers quarters Bambalapitiya . In March 2007 a number of articles were published against the writer in the Sunday Leader and Irudina newspapers.

Leader editor tried to speak with me regarding the murder of Raviraj . He also inquired about the security  detail of Kumar Rupasinghe , and my  double agent role when I was the policy coordinator, as well as the arrest that was made while I was in Kalutara .

The story revolving around the extortion business of Gajanayake and Nihal came up for discussion a second time at  the Kandewatte Terrace  house. This information  was made available to UNP parliamentarian Lakshman Seneviratne by Lasantha . Seneviratne questioned this in parliament . With the exposure made by Lakshman , Gajanayake was taken into custody by the CID. After this incident Lasantha took the writer to the residence of Lakshman at Pitakotte. Lasantha died but Lakshman is still living.

No matter what , on the orders of Gota ,  Gajanayake was soon released. Gota did not stop at that , he instructed Airport and Aviation Authority chief Tiran Alles to appoint Gajanayake as the chief security officer at the Katunayake airport 

By Keerthi Ratnayake

Translated by Jeff.

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