Rajapaksa Ordered Helicopters, Sirisena’s Attempt To Implicate Ranil Falls Flat

It was Mahinda Rajapaksa and no one else that called for and used a helicopter to fly to Hambantota the day after he lost the Presidential Election in January 2015, according to sources close to the Rajapaksa family.

‘Sirisena took oaths on the evening of January 9th and until then Mahinda Rajapaksa was the President of the country. As was usual practice he had asked a member of his security detail, Captain Tissa Wimalasena to call for helicopters,’ sources pointed out, stating that Sirisena was distorting facts and making unfair accusations.

Although Sirisena claimed ignorance and hinted that it was Ranil Wcikremesinghe who was responsible for this, he is on record having stated on April 09, 2016 that it was he who had given two helicopters to Rajapaksa on that occasion. He even observed on that occasion that ‘nowhere in the world has a head of state been given helicopters to go home after an election defeat.’


I was still President when I went to Tangalle in helicopter: MAHINDA

Responding to President Maithripala Sirisena’s remarks that a certain individual has provided helicopters to former president Mahinda Rajapaksa to fly to Tangalle as soon as the presidential election results were announced, Mr. Rajapaksa said he was still the President of the country when he left Colombo.

“As far as I am aware, I was still the President of the country when I left. I left Colombo even before the final election results were announced. The President of the country still functions, until a new President is sworn in. That’s the true story. The Head of my security division was from Polonnaruwa. He also went there,” he told journalists at an ceremony held at his residence last evening.


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