Gotabaya is suspected of corruption, fraud and even murder….

Gota A Devout Buddhist, Vegetarian, Feeds Flesh To Pet Sharks

By Suranimala Umagiliya –

The mainstream Sinhala media is awash with news of Gotabaya Rajapaksa being the front runner from the Lotus Bud party at the next Presidential election. That sums up the pathetic state of the media. The fourth estate must educate and guarantee the citizens right to information. Such information must be disseminated with great responsibility. Information presented with clarity will educate the masses in making judicious decisions concerning their future and that of the next generation.

Gotabaya for President? Sri Lankans must be out of their minds or plain looney to even give it a second thought.

Here is a man who is suspected of grave crime dodging appearing in Court to clear himself. An educated public will insist that he goes through a legal process to confirm that he has clean hands prior to representing them and their next of kin. The media must stop the current nonsense and push Gotabaya to do so. Weren’t journalists assaulted, tortured, abducted and even murdered during his tenure as the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence?

The Viyathmaga movement apart, Gotabaya has shown how shallow his thought process is. His new found foray into macro economics, delivered in measured tone is fake at best. Consider how fake he is.

He is a vegetarian. A self confessed devout Buddhist. A Nationalist who assumes that Sri Lanka is predominantly for the Sinhala/ Buddhist.Well and good. But his pets are flesh eating sharks !! Huh? That reflects his true persona. Fake.

Gotabaya as complainant against The Sunday Leader defended the purchase of MiG fighter jets as a Government to Government deal. He gave such evidence under oath. It is now found to be false.

He distanced himself from the activities of the Army Intelligence who abducted,assaulted, tortured and even murdered journalists. His style of leadership is to claim credit for affirmative action but blame his subordinates for failure. Qualities of a poor leader.

 Seventy years after gaining independence from the British, us Sinhalese (by virtue of being the majority race) have controlled successive governments. Some may argue that the nation has progressed considerably.Is that enough or is it the best we can do? Mirror that with the rest of the world and the answer is clear. Corruption has become endemic.
Gotabaya has also been suspected of corruption, fraud and even murder.

A self confessed vegetarian who feeds flesh to his pets is as fake as one can get. Can Sri Lanka entrust the whole country to such person even as an experiment? The Rajapaksa family miscalculated and lost the last Presidential election. If any of them succeed the next time around they will make certain to stay on forever.If not for any other reason, that is good enough to thwart them.

Does the journalistic profession have any shame? Go on do your job and show what he is. Warts and all.

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