While Donald Trump was having discussions with Polpotian communist leaders of North Korea to negotiate no conflicts and peace, there were clashes between fascist racist demonstrates and left oriented anti fascist organizations in several western cities. In the protest in London police were forced to escort around 20 neo-Nazi protesters out of Westminster after they staged an “anti-Jewification” protest. Hundreds of counter-protesters chanted “Scum, scum, scum” as they followed the far-right activists from Whitehall towards Westminster tube station. Lines of police kept the two groups apart. The fascist demonstration against a Jewish neighborhood watch group, was originally due to be held in the strongly Jewish populated north-west London, but was confined to a static demonstration in Whitehall. Their numbers were dwarfed by anti-fascists, who targeted them with chants of: “Nazi scum – off our streets”, drowning out speeches the neo-Nazis made from behind police lines.

Far-right activists had planned their protest for the Sabbath in an area with a 40% Jewish population. They planned to burn copies of the Talmud – the book of Jewish law and tradition – and effigies, in private in order to avoid arrest but filmed for sharing online.

But the Metropolitan police decided to impose conditions under the Public Order Act 1986, moving the demonstration to Whitehall and limiting it to one hour. They said senior officers did not have the legal power to ban a static protest, had a duty to safeguard the right to protest and could not impose unreasonable restrictions upon that right. So we can see how British workers and radicl professionals treat fascistic politics. This is the modern advice given by them.

We said the defeat of no confidence against Ranil was a people’s victory, forced through the parliament by the voice of the people who wanted to continue the democratic revolution started way back. Then there was baking to the ideals of democracy and workers, professionals and Tamil speaking people stood loudly with the man who dared to save the country from the disaster of the war. Smaller nationalities in the country new very well what is coming with the blessings of the fascistic Mahinda Chinthanaya. With that victory people expected Ranil and other leaders of Yahapalanaya will take this hard won victory seriously and devote more time to finish the back load of the democratic revolution. In Marxian terms people  donot want a Kerensky and on the other hand  do not demand a Lenin; but they have the right to demand that Lanka should go at least in the path of late leader of South Africa.

Yes, at that time Ranil did the right thing. It was against wishes of many that Maithripala was selected as the common presidential candidate to represent all political parties and all national and religious communities that were suffering under fascistic repression by the Mahinda regime. It became an attraction in the eyes of the international community which was on the verge of sanctions.

All sensible people accepted the period of Mahinda regime was really bad. All decency and human rights were buried, and a handful of people, mostly from one family dictated the country’s future.

They were no doubt taking the masses of this country, towards the dark hells of bad governance. Hence the liberation motto became Yahapalanaya or Good governance. On the other hand, as the economy was plundering towards disaster. It is the truth when Ranil says that today Lankans are paying for the losses made by Mahinda. At that stage his advisers prompted President Mahinda to call elections two years ahead, when he was enjoying Executive power, Legislative powers, including provisional and Local Government powers. One could argue if the economy was flourishing there was no need for an advance election. This fact alone is more than enough to answer the status of the country in 2015.

President Sirisena made the right move by carefully committing as a common candidate to establish democracy, equality and freedom in a common struggle with parties of the common front. To day he is under pressure to opt for saving his party that he served as Secretary General. However his inability to control the Rajapaksas and the SLFPers in Joint opposition shows his weakness. Many believe that increasingly he is becoming a puppet in the hands of Mahinda clan while the UNP has been the victim of this set back of his weakness in political leadership. His political mistakes were evident in his appointments made to various commissions and state enterprises. It appears as if the president hardly made proper consultations with PM!  He was unable to take disciplinary action on his SLFP members. On the other hand Maithree took initiative to remove the then Bribery Commissioner, Dilrukshi Dias Wickremesinghe and created a vulgar situation.

In the last period Prime Minister and the Cabinet were blamed for common mistakes, the Head of State still with Executive powers did not defend when it mattered. At first clearly Ranil and the UNP were irresponsible in responding to the media; later Ranil’s pragmatism prevailed. May be discipline would serve their needs in the long run. That may not happen. Popular culture is to take the attacks on the ruling elite for every day fun. Even in the days of kings up to the British governors that was the tradition. Even today same aberrations are continuing.

Sadly the President saw the bond scam as the biggest sin of this country, which is calculated at less than $ 80 million. Money is not hidden and that can be traced. It could be a part of a political programme.

On the contrary, Mahinda is supposed to have $ 600 million in a foreign account in a safe haven. That is just one example of the corrupt regime that ridiculed this nation and robbed it left right and centre.

In the mean time the media of this country, especially the electronic, have failed to be the fourth pillar of democracy and are dragging this country to be once again handed over to a pit of snakes. It is no doubt; the current direction of this country is being dragged into uncertainty and darkness. Under this uncertainty Maithree is operating. His agenda is now clear, that he is trying to continue his political life by retreating to linkup with the pro Mahinda forces once again. However efforts for a new understanding have been fruitful we are told. May be the president wants to be a party to democratic revolution still continuing.

President must admit his dream of resurrecting new Bandaranayke era has ended up resurrecting a SLFP where fascistic Mahinda is still calling the shots. Last decisions of the parliament must open the eyes of every body to the real wishes of the people. Mahinda regime is a closed chapter in the history of Lanka. It is dark and sad chapter, not even a live and pleasant President of the country could give a new life to that political Black Death. Do not look back; look forward to pleasant future.
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