MAHINDA defended the corrupt -Duminda

Minister Duminda Dissanayake charges that former President Parliamentarian Mahinda Rajapaksa defended the corrupt.

Speaking at an event in Anuradhapura the Minister claimed the former President’s intent was made clear in a statement he made regarding Former Sri Lanka Ambassador to Russia Udayanga Weerathunga.

Minister Dissanayake noted a search operation is underway for Udayanga Weerathunga in connection to the MiG deal adding his accomplice died in Russia and his body was sealed.

He added Udayanga and the accomplice who died maintained a joint account.

The Minister further noted the parents of the deceased complained and search operations were launched in search of Udayanga.

Minister Duminda Dissanayake questioned what former President MP Mahinda Rajapaksa meant when he said he is willing to bring Udayanga back to Sri Lanka adding through such statements the former President is indicating that Udayanga was protected by him in the past.

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