Malaka’s alleged assault on Scottish couple

A case involving an incident where former Minister Mervyn Silva’s son Malaka Silva had allegedly assaulted a Scottish couple at a nightclub in Colombo, had been referred to the Attorney-General (AG) for advice, police informed court.

The Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) currently conducting investigations into the incident, had informed the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court that they had sought the Attorney-General’s advice regarding two counter cases.

On a previous occasion, court had decided to name Scottish national James Francis Casserly as a suspect in a case where he had allegedly attacked Malaka Silva during a scuffle at a nightclub in Colombo 3, in 2014.

When the cases came up before Colombo Additional Magistrate Isuru Nettikumara, the magisterial inquiry into two counter cases were fixed for November 15.

Seven suspects including Malaka Silva, were arrested over an alleged assault on a Scottish couple at a nightclub on Duplication Road, Colombo 3, on October 31, 2014. Complaints were subsequently lodged by both parties, claiming they had been assaulted.

The said suspects taken into custody, including Malaka Silva, are currently out on bail.

However, lawyers who appeared on behalf of Malaka Silva alleged that the police had failed to take legal action regarding their complaints that Malaka Silva was assaulted by James Casserly.

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