FIVE British MPs bribed by Sri Lankan Government to mislead British Parliament

In response to investigations against British MPs including Ian Paisley by the House of Commons over his visit to Sri Lanka during the former rule, then External Affairs Minister Prof.G.L. Peiris said today that the government of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had to bribe British MPs with FREE Holidays and other benefits so to counter adverse propaganda being carried out by the pro-LTTE elements.

A Sri Lankan parliamentarian claimed that the former regime in Colombo bribed at least five more British MPs today, after the UK Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards suspended British parliamentarian Ian Paisley Jr for not declaring trips worth up to £100,000.

“There are at least five other British MP’s who similarly were bribed by the Rajapaksa regime to make statements supportive of it,” claimed UNP MP Mujibar Rahuman. “We though these British MPs in tie and coat were honest respectable people, but they are worse.”

Mr Rahuman went on to question ”if a string of African leaders who visited during the Rajapaksa presidency were also paid like this”.

His comments come after Mr Paisley was suspended for 30 days – reported by The Independent to thought to be the longest period any MP has been barred from the Commons for 15 years.lord naseby

The punishment was brought about “in view of the seriousness of this matter,” with Mr Paisley Jr’s actions amounting to “paid advocacy” after he lobbied against an United Nations Human Rights Council resolution.

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