Gota’s conspiracy hatched in Vihara: his ‘military junta’ to create an LTTE ‘ghost’ under guise of searching for buried LTTE weapons !

(Lanka e News -31.July.2018, 11.45PM) The search  for the arms and gold  hidden by the LTTE which is being  carried out by digging at various places. Though nothing was found these  operations are well planned and conducted by the pensioned military major General junta who are now  moving heaven and earth to propel Gotabaya to power.

During the initial stages  following the good  governance government coming into power , based on  spurious information employing various individuals searches for  weapons and gold  of the LTTE were conducted in the North. It is specially noteworthy , this is now a futile  routine operation so much so it is being carried out weekly.

The latest of this series of  excavation  was that conducted in the Ammankulam tank , Nallur , Jaffna on the 29 th by the security division on the information received that there was a large quantity of LTTE weapons there. However nothing was found. The previous week another search was conducted in the Maniyathottam tank in Jaffna town , based on information received that an LTTE plastic  barrel of war equipment was thrown into  that tank . There too nothing suspicious was found.

There is a  most perplexing side to  this racket : This area was captured by the army in 1996 during the period when Ratwatte was the defense minister , and not after the war was won in 2009.  The information which was not  received  during the 19 years -from  1996 until 2015 that is until  the Rajapakses were thrown out lock ,stock and barrel from power , is most intriguingly being received only now.  When it was  probed who these informants are ,…… That was the time Gotabaya had fled to America in fear of the war to work in Seven Eleven shops.

Following the conclusion of the war in 2009, five international organizations including Dash, Hello Trust , Sharp, as well as the SL army cleared the entire war zone – North and East of the claymore mines , killer bombs, tank destruction bombs  which were buried by the LTTE  , and now there remains only a small 27 kilometers area to be cleared. According to that team , the entire area can be cleared and completed by 2020.

While this is the true position , every week digging is being done  in vain for  hidden weapons despite the fact  the team which was digging in search of bombs hidden  one inch beneath could not find.  In the end nothing is found . Yet no punishment has still been meted to any informant who is providing false tip offs.

Discovering two bombs buried  in the zone where a war raged for  30 years is understandable.  .  Bombs which were left behind during the second world war are still being found in Europe.

Nevertheless , one need not be a war specialist to realize it is a waste of time,  money  and a direct  sabotage activity , to go on excavating  the tanks based on mere  spurious information , only to finally conclude  , nothing could be found.

Mahinda Gotha the HitlerThe masterminds behind the search  for LTTE weapons inspired by bogus tip offs ..

The masterminds behind these sabotage stupid activities are none other than the retired  ‘ military junta’ of Gotabaya.

Gota’s ‘military junta’ is conducting these excavations employing their henchmen giving massive media publicity only  to  instill the fear  in the minds of  the people that ‘the  LTTE is rearing its head again’. The other lie they are propagating simultaneously is , the forces will be  evacuated from  the north.  The army commander of the north in response to that recently said , no camp of the forces will be withdrawn , neither are the forces going to be trimmed down  in the north.

Gota’s ‘military junta’ has formed a new organization under the name ‘ Hela Jathika Bala Muluwa’ . The meeting of this  group which was  held at Sambudhaloka Vihare , Lotus Road , Fort on the 3 rd, was joined in by retired major general Kamal Gunaratne alias Handikadal Kamal ,retired Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera , former air force commander Roshan Gunatileke and Elle Gunawansa Thera a notorious  culprit who is accused of collecting large sums of cash  from the Chinese , and was exposed  openly by New York Times.

This abominable group at the meeting discussed how to use the LTTE  ‘ghost’ to achieve their deadly and despicable goals , and the excavation  of tanks for LTTE weapons drama is an outcome  of the conspiracy hatched at the discussions.

Another retired major General W.A.R.Soysa , a former Petroleum Corporation Chairman  had also newly joined the ‘military junta’ . Under the name of ‘Ranaviru power for a united country’ he has originated another ‘creation’

Military Junta has already made Gota the president !

The military junta has planned and plotted  not only to topple the good governance government but even to crush the Lotus Bud  opposition , with a view to reinforce its own strength. Nevertheless , the Lotus Bud leaders Basil , Welgama and Vasu who are working  within the Democratic framework have started their campaign overtly and openly against the pressures exerted by the ‘military junta’.

‘From that side , a Prabhakaran is being demanded, from the South a Hitler is being demanded. Then where is the country headed ? In that event can the people live?  Can you sleep? Welgama openly questioned.  Vasu too  pointed out in public ‘ it is the need of the retired military officers to  form a military government’  .

It is a pity the ‘military junta’ that shows  no concern for national interests  has made Gota the ‘president’ already. They are even treating   the Rajapakse’ s MPs with disdain. While a former deputy minister was seated in the front row at Hotel Shangrila recently  when Gota delivered a lecture , the members of the junta told him to take a seat  in the rear row , and offered his seat to a former chief of the forces. The deputy minister who was enraged by this had remarked , ‘ if these fellows are like this even before seizing power , how will it be if they come to power?’

The major generals – the chiefs of Gota’s military junta treating the lower rank officers  and clashes resulting thereby have also become a common scene . These military junta members accustomed to their characteristic swelled headed ways disregard the lower officers. Consequently one major is already disillusioned with the military junta of Gota.

We can only say one thing about Gota’s journey ‘ he arrived too early’

-By a special correspondent-

-Translated by Jeff-

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