Chinese Projects halt in North, As India Intervenes!

It is reported that the development projects undertaken by China in North have had to be closed by the Government.

Internal sources affirm that the decisions had to be made according to a special request made by India.

A special representative of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Sri Lanka, and at a meeting with the President and the Prime Minister, said that these concerns were discussed. The delegation has stressed by the representative that China’s entry to North of Sri Lanka can develop a serious challenge for India’s National Security.

The special representative has pointed out that any development activity in the South is not a problem for them, except steering into North however can become one to India.

The representative has specially pointed out that the proposed activities such as telecommunication and airport projects in the Northern Province, escorted by China, are of serious threat to the National Security of India.

Accordingly, the Government is left with no choice but to put closure to the involvement of China, on the development projects undertaken at North.

Another important point was reported at the scenario.

D.M. Swaminadan is the Minister of Resettlement, Rehabilitation, Northern Development and Hindu Religious Affairs in the North. The project to construct 50,000 new homes in the North is under his purview. It is reported that the tenders for this project were called, but the Minister had taken steps for the project to be given to ‘China Railway’, vacating all the tenders aside; thus reported that China Railway was not included into the tender. Accordingly, it is said that the tenderers, who were assigned for this project, questioned as to why the project was given to China Railway.

Nevertheless, it is said that a decision will be taken with a view to discussing this matter at the next Cabinet meeting.

It is quite obvious that the sovereignty of the country is no longer a valid topic to talk about before the presence of this kind of pressure. Once the South is sold out to China, and the North to India, the citizens of Sri Lanka will be immensely steered to watch these disasters happening.

Nevertheless, it is too late now that China has already tunnelled its way into the country. It is Mahinda Rajapakshe, the former President of Sri Lanka, a man who now walks into temple by temple and brags about the sovereignty of the country, who welcomed China into our doorsteps for his lust for dollars in the first place. For his sins, now the remaining is paying the price.

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