Mahinda who militarised the country now accuses Maithiri

Mahinda was upset because this government had engaged the forces for investigations into drug offences and murders in order to  hang them. It is said that most of the drug dealers and gangsters were used by the former government and they still have a close link with the former government leaders. He said that the current government is transferring the duties of the police to the Forces and this cannot be allowed.

During the Rajapaksha rule kidnapping and killing anyone who opposes his family or who exposes any frauds by his family members or supporters were part of day to day life. Minority were treated like second class citizens. Law and Order were not in force and White vans kidnapping and driving with the support of of the government forces killed and dumpt the bodies in city. No action was taken against the killers because all knew this was done with the blessing of the Rajapaksha government and it was claimed the orders came from the big brothers.

Interstingly Rajapaksha who is seen trying to topple this government is now accusing the current Government of unable to maintain law and order in the country now and is seeking to militarise the country. The ex president pointed out that the Government was trying to make out that militarization was legal, a warning that if his family comes back to power he will militarise  and use this statement to justify it.


Mahinda also said that during his tenure of office, three powerful drug kingpins  were hiding in foreign countries. After enlisting international assistance, they were arrested and brought  to Sri Lanka. As opposed to this, the present Government had  not been able to arrest and bring down even a single  drug baron from abroad , Rajapaksa lamented.

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