Gota Down from the Tree into The Bullhorn ?

  • Mahinda Rajapakshe responded ‘I don’t remember!’ to most of the questions. 
  • Gotabhaya does not have a getaway.
The officers of the Criminal Investigations Department undertook on receiving a statement from the former President Mahinda Rajapakshe regarding the kidnapping, assaulting and abandoning on the road of the journalist Keith Noir recently.
The crew, consistent with the former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakshe, who was alleged of the case, was expecting their liberation to getaway through the former President’s statement. Accordingly, the law expertise favouring the Rajapakshes with the Rajapakshes pre-orchestrated a statement for Mahinda, in which he was advised to deliver to the investigators of the CID exactly as anticipated.
However, the statement made by Mr. Mahinda Rajapakshe by now has caused an enormous havoc in the Mahinda party; particularly the waters trembled for the former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakshe. He, who has been expecting his getaway through Mahinda’s statement, now has faced a ‘Down from the Tree into the Bullhorn’ situation.
Mahinda Rajapakshe through his statement has admitted that Keith Noir was abducted and that he was aware of the incident. The reports say that this statement has become an ultimatum to Gotabhaya, that now he is nowhere near his salvation.
Mahinda Rajapakshe’s lawyer Jayantha Weerasinghe and Gotabhaya Rajapakshe’s lawyer Ali Sabri also took presence at the inquiry, and apart from them the former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva and Prof. G.L. Peiris were also present.
The media regarding the statement made publicity that to majority of the questions made by the CID officers Mahinda Rajapakshe responded ‘I don’t remember!’ However, not only Mahinda admitted that such kidnapping took place, he has also admitted that he was aware of the incident.
During the statement he further admitted that Mr. Karu Jayasuriya, a former minister in his possession, the current Speaker of Parliament, telephoned him. He stated that Mr. Jayasuriya called him and bartered about the kidnapping of Keith Noir, commenting in disappointment, ‘I’m ashamed to stay in this cabinet, if Keith Noir’s case is not investigated I’d rather resign from my Minister post’.
While the former President was conversating about the incident with the CID officers, one of the persons at the inquiry has outspoken, ‘Ooh…. He said that too? He’s a bloody bastard!’
This comment was made by none other than the former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva. Using such derogatory language in addressing a person, it was the Speaker of Parliament Mr. Karu Jayasuriya he referred these words to. If it was not for him, we would have been talking about Mr. Keith Noir, in the same tune Lasantha Wickramathunga, or Pradeep Eknaligoda addressed today.
This is the status a specialist in law, a former Chief Justice, today has fallen into.
It is reported that Ali Sabrila stood and left during the statement, for the former President completely acted contradictory to what he originally planned, with utter disappointment. He now knows beyond any doubt that his client Gotabhaya does not have a getaway.
Meanwhile, at the closure of receiving statements from the former President, Prof. G.L. Peiris asked from the CID officers that why do not they take measures to arrest the former Governor of the Central Bank Arjun Mahendran, who is alleged of the mass fraud in Bandumkara, through Interpol.
Despite his questioning is being totally irrelevant to the current inquiry, the CID officers responded to him saying that such measures cannot be taken through Interpol. The officers counter questioned Prof. G.L. Peiris, ‘Don’t you know that Interpol is not here to make arrests as such, sir?’ Nevertheless, the High Attorney-at-Law, Professor in Law, Mr. G.L. Peiris refused to agree, and said that the Interpol is of eligibility to make such arrests.
It is reported that Mr. Mahinda Rajapakshe was utterly nervous at the inquiry made by the CID officers. Also it is reported that he was angry at some points. This may also be the reason he was unable to make his statement as originally intended. Nevertheless, at the end of the day the former President’s rage was released through the man who clears all his putrefying, a former Member of Parliament, Udith Lokubandara. It is the rage of the former President that caused the poor man to be blatantly scolded with, in pure Sinhala, without any fair reason.

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