A new Constitution is a fundamental necessity. The Sinhala majority should accept it – M. A. Sumanthiran

”All the problems of Tamil People won’t b solved by a new Constitution, but a new Constitution is fundamental. Without this, no issue can be addressed”, said TNA Spokesman M. A. Sumanthiran speaking in Sinhala an an event in Galle on Constitutional Reform.

Speaking further, he said: In a country with a permanent majority it is important to share powers of governance in such a way that all peoples have equal citizenship rights.

Sri Lanka’s Sinhala majority must itself acknowledge injustice of simple majoritarian rule & clamour for reform & justice for other peoples.

There has been a series of meetings with regard to the 20th amendment to the constitution in the south on constitutional reforms. This was the seventh meeting.

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran says that so far there is no agreement within the Tamil people for one nation and that they should be brought into one track through the new Constitution.

The war in the country was created as the interests of minority communities had been ignored, he said.

MP Sumanthiran further stated that the country does not require a federal system and that Tamil community is ready to accept the existing Provincial Council system if slight changes are made to it.

Former President Mahinda and his brother Gothapaya Rajapakshe promised to implement the famous 13+ which is more powers to the local Provincial councils once the killing of LTTE is over. The LTTE s was killed on the 18th of May 2009. But power hungry Rajapakshes refused to give more powers to the provincial councils as promised by him and is expecting to gain the majority Sinhala Buddhist votes by discriminating the minorities of Sri Lanka.

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