Women of North request police to halt girls wearing half nude dresses !

(Lanka e News -02.Sep.2018, 5.30PM) A number of women’s organizations in Vavuniya jointly staged a protest walk demanding that nude and semi nude display by girls shall be halted.

The walk commenced from opposite the Vavuniya Municipal Council playground , and the procession proceeded as far as the office of the DIG Anura Abeywickrema to hand over a special message to the DIG who accepted it.

The message requested the police to take action against women who go from street to street wearing clothes which expose their flesh indecently , as well as those making such displays on the television screen and social media .

The young girls wear half naked dresses not only when they attend tuition classes but even to temples in the North , and have made that a fashion . The Vavuniya women’s association therefore had stated in the message , because of this girls falling victims to sexual molestations have increased .

The DIG who received the letter promised to take expeditious action against this.

Dinasena Rathugamage

Translated by Jeff

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