Sinhala voters flock to Rajapaksa led rally

Thousands of Sinhala voters took part in the Joint Opposition rally in Colombo, led by the former Sri Lankan president, Mahinda Rajapaksa. Addressing his Sinhale supporters, Rajapaksa spoke of toppling the Government to bring an end to what he termed as the Government’s “separatism policies”.

Rajapaksa, accompanied by his brother, Gotabaya and son, Namal waved at the crowds and pledged to continue the rally until dawn. This protest was seen as a protest to promote his family members who are being investigated of fraud and abuse of power during Mahinda rule.

Police Estimate Crowds at “Janabalaya Kolombata” Rally in Colombo at 50,000 Although Organizers Claim Hundreds of Thousands Joined Protest Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s supporters kept up a demonstration outside Lake House after a brief march from the Bo Tree junction.  Supporters had travelled to the rally from across the South of the island, along with several Buddhist monks.

The rally comes as Rajapaksa publicly announced that he was in the process of finding out whether he would be able to contest for the presidency once again.

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