True story behind Mahinda and Namal Sept.12 th Indian tour..! Mahinda burns his own cash on workshop in India..!!

Both the regional development and power devolution have to be done for Tamils & If there is NO Good Candidate in JO then I will Contest says Mahinda.

(Lanka e News – 12.Sep.2018, 6.45PM) Indians are well noted for fattening on others’ deaths and despair. They will eat, drink and rejoice even right in the midst of ‘three deaths ’ . It is a well known fact that there exists an endless conflict over India’s territorial borders with Pakistan and China. In order to continue its business monopoly it also has conflicts with Nepal and Bhutan. There is also the issue of Bangla Deshis jumping over the fence . Catching them is like catching frogs .

Following the exit of Congress party of Manmohan Singh, it was Bharathi Janatha party (BJP) that took over the reins. . Narendra Modi is an individual capable of plucking an eye of another even if he just passes by him. He is pioneering all fields of disciplines enlisting the assistance of many racketeers. Subramaniam Swamy is one such racketeer .Swamy is a ‘hunting dog’ of Modi but known to the Indian mass media as just a ‘joker’. He is another court jester and a thug not second to our own rascally Mervyn Silva when it comes to conduct, habits and affinities.

image_1481132933-5a4ab191a7Mahinda who forgot his origins before China’s Yuan

Mahinda was the political leader during the war in the North. Because Sonia wanted to avenge the death of her husband on the murderers Mahinda received tacit support from the Indian government. After the war Mahinda was showered with extraordinary support by India . India even went as far as to refuse visas to journalists trying to visit India who were anti Mahinda government.

During the 2010 presidential elections , Fonseka sought to meet the Indian state leaders, but at the request of Rajapakses, India declined to have any diplomatic exchanges with him. After Shirani Bandaranaaike was expelled from the post of chief justice by Rajapakses , India which was in the ready to invite her to deliver a lecture at an Indian University halted that move because it might offend Rajapakses .

When Indian Congress government told , K.P. is wanted by India , SL gave a tough reply and asked, whether he cannot be interrogated in SL ? which answer India calmly accepted. Nevertheless Mahinda forgot the goodness of and the good India did to him .

Mahinda and Swamy, the Raigamaya and Gampolaya

Mahinda instead of showing gratitude to the Congress government tried to hoodwink it. He went to Jaffna and said , ‘ you Dhemala (Tamil man ) ,you can stay or get out, ’ without creating an environment for reconciliation .He mortgaged the country to China and gave permission for Chinese military submarines to stay.

The attachment between Mahinda and Subramaniam Swamy is like that between Raigamaya and Gampolaya . Swamy who can be an out and out cut- throat if that suits his selfish agendas , taught Mahinda well and thoroughly how to dupe India , and motivated him on the sly to put through deals with China.

Mahinda unwittingly became a pawn of Bharathi Janatha party, whereby the Congress government which was eating , drinking and enjoying amidst ‘three deaths’ acquired another dead body . The Congress which was running in all directions amidst crises, lost its popularity among the people. When the elections came in the heels of this unpopularity BJP registered a historic triumph. Modi became the prime minister and 71 years old Swamy secured a powerful minister post .

mad-swamyHow Modi and Subramaniam Swamy screwed up Mahinda in 2014…

It was Mahinda himself who announced that India’s RAW espionage service was behind his defeat in 2014. Indian P.M. Narendra Modi is RAW’s top rung commander .

Swamy is the assistant to Modi , and his play mate in Modi’s gunny sack deadly ‘games’. No sooner both came to power than they got together and screwed up Mahinda wholesale . They carried out all the underhand treacheries against Mahinda. The latter was made to grope in the dark so much so he did not know anything at all until Sirisena appeared on the opposition platform suddenly , soon after the most cordial and convivial ‘hopper clout’ with Mahinda.

The outcome : Sirisena was put on the presidential throne with fresh expectations . With the victory of the good governance government, it was Indian High Commissioner in SL who went and greeted Sirisena on 2015-01-09 morning with a bouquet ,and the first State leader to congratulate Sirisena was Narendra Modi, the Indian government leader at that time. Yet to the consternation of all, Sirisena turned ungrateful much faster than Mahinda. Sirisena even before the ink used in the swearing in ceremony of his had dried- he cut and bit the very hand that fed him . He then started having nocturnal get together sessions daily with the Rajapakses who were sent on pension by India.

The best phase of the story series of the Rajapakse –Sirisena discussions has now been reached.

Rajapakse and Sirisena eat together in same house…

Mahinda Rajapakse ‘s attitude towards his brothers is analogous to that in relation to underworld members .That is , to eliminate one , he uses another. Finally he ‘liquidates’ the other too. This is how he dealt with Basil , Gota and Chamal . Right now Mahinda is at the brink of isolation. The day following the Janabalaya protest , he began installing a lift in his Colombo residence. This is because he is now unable to climb stairs. His ambition is, before he is pushed into oblivion and isolation , to project Namal as his successor before the Sri Lankans and internationally.

Mahinda who was secretly sharing the ‘meal’ secretly so far is now ready to do it openly , that is he is prepared to concede the presidency to Sirisena in 2020. As a reciprocation Namal is to be made the P.M. Sirisena of course is in concurrence with that in all eagerness.

The Janabalaya was got down to Colombo to demonstrate Namal’s capability . The first round of Mahinda –Sirisena 2020 story which is all about Namal being popularized locally is over. The next episode relates to India .

Mahinda’s workshop at his own expense designed to ‘galvanize the henchmen’

The task of popularizing Namal in India in this Rajapakse –Sirisena 2020 drama is entrusted to Swamy. Leaving for India immediately after the Janabala ‘show’ in Colombo to meet Narendra Modi is the foremost plan .

The ‘janabala’ which was to be staged in August was postponed until 5 th September in order to somehow grab an appointment with Modi . The excuse given for the postponement that it was because of the GCE ord. level examinations is an absolute lie .During a time when there was no opportunity for Mahinda to meet Modi , by this Mahinda managed to secure an opportunity to deliver a lecture on the 12 th pertaining to the history and the future of the Indo Lanka relations.

Namal and G.L Peiris along with Mahinda are to attend this event. This workshop is organized by the ‘Virath Hindu force’ which is a group who are followers of Subramaniam Swamy. Mahinda saying to the local stooges this workshop was organized by the BJP is therefore another blatant lie.

This is organized by a group of hangers on of Swamy – the PTs (patriotic tweeples -Swamy’s followers) and VHS (Virat Hindu Sena Swamy’s followers) . The BJP had nothing to do with this program. The biggest ludicrous and ridiculous part of this comedy drama is , all the expenses of this workshop is being met by Mahinda. He is to be finally awarded the title ’Lankaratne’ out of his own money. A mendacious megalomaniac will tell any lie , spend any amount and stoop to any deceit if only he can get himself ‘crowned’ even if he knows he is being treated as a clown by the very crowd crowning him.

RAW will only want its own horse to win , it will not bet on horses running on the track.

Swamy is one who is possessed by a mania to address media briefings and make a selfish cheap ostentatious display even if he hasn’t anything to eat or drink. Swamy is glad he can kill two birds with one stone at Mahinda’s expense on 12 th September, while Mahinda on that occasion can give the impression to Modi that China knelt down before him .Vaiko the bankrupt politico who was without a rope even to hang himself can also now find a berth. When Vaiko agitates , Mahinda will get an opportunity to scream and shout ‘ tigers are rising’ , and use that to achieve his dastardly and despicable goals.

However , Mahinda and Sirisena may have forgotten the final crucial part of the story because Mahinda and Sirisena are now behaving as though they were dead and were reborn. In any event , the ‘knock out’ punches Mahinda and Sirisena dealt to Modi after getting together with China can never be forgotten by Modi any day.

Though Mahinda and Sirisena are thinking they would receive the blessings of Modi for their unholy wedding out of wedlock in 2020 , there is no possibility at all for such blessings truly. Whether the crowd that gathered for the Janabala in Colombo was 25,00 or 250, 000 , means nothing to cunning Modi. RAW does not bet on horses running on the track . Rather it is an organization that makes horses of its choice to win .

By Keerthi Ratnayake

A former officer of the intelligence service of the forces.

Translated by Jeff

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