Sri Lankan diplomat arrested in Italy for aiding illegal migration

In Sri Lanka anyone who supports the Government are given priority in the diplomat list. Most of the Members of the forces who are accused of War Crime  in 2009 were given diplomat posts by Mahinda Government. It is said that the commanders were ordered to kill thousands of Tamil civilians in 2009 by the Political Leaders in power and diplomat posts were given to keep their mouths shut.

Brigadier Priyanka FernandoThe officers of the Malpensa Airport Border Police Bureau, Milan, Italy arrested a Sri Lankan diplomat who attempted to bring four youths into Italy by aiding illegal migration last weekend, Italy’s Varese7press reported.

The male, a fifty-year-old diplomat who arrived from Doha together with his wife and four others — two girls and two boys of around twenty years, presented himself as a diplomat to the Immigration officials to be able to access the station dedicated to the verification of documents of Community passengers, at that time free.

Having obtained the authorization from the immigration officer, the diplomat approached handing over the passports of the entire group; after showing his diplomatic passport, which had a Schengen visa issued by the French diplomatic authority, he showed the passport of his wife, who also holds a diplomatic passport in possession of a similar Schengen visa. Continuing with the verification of documents, the attention of the State Police operator was attracted by the doubtful authenticity of the passports of the four youths , with similar Schengen visas.

8242cff93864f349623c6160c0794d5d_XLThe diplomat to reassure the border officer , said to go to France for tourism, presenting the two girls as their daughters and the two boys as nephews, stating that they would continue the journey by train. As proof of his version, the diplomatic agent showed the air tickets where it appeared that the group would leave the Paris airport on 12 September.

Not at all influenced by the role of the diplomat, the supervisor invited the entire group to follow him to the immigration office , where the two girls expressing themselves in English confirmed the version of the diplomat claiming to be his daughters.   From a deep investigation carried out by personnel expert in false documents, it was observed that all four ordinary passports of the youths were falsified through the reconstruction of the biographical page, made using raw materials and sophisticated printing techniques.

In the hand baggage of the investigated diplomat, the authentic passports of the four young Sinhalese used at Colombo airport to leave Sri Lanka were found hidden in the cover.

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