US Tamils Urge UN to Ask Visiting Sri Lankan President What He Did to the Abducted Tamil Children Who were Seen with Him in a Photo in 2010

US Tamils Urge UN to Ask Visiting Sri Lankan President What He Did to the Abducted Tamil Children Who were Seen with Him in a Photo in 2010

A spokesman for Tamils for Trump said that “We the U.S. Tamils wanted to know the fate of the Tamil children who were with the current Sri Lankan President Sirisena about eight years ago. Now these Tamil children are adults in their twenties and still parents are looking for them and they were listed as missing.”

Mr. Sirisena was a health minister under Rajapaksa’s administration in 2010. During his health ministry, Mr. Sirisena visited an orphanage and its school in the Sinhala South. Mr. Sirisena took a photograph standing among a few orphan children in school uniform. Among these children there were five Tamil children who were missing during the last month (May 2009) of the ethnic war. At this time in May 2009, Mr. Sirisena was the acting defense minister and oversaw the war against the Tamils.

These Tamil children were taken from the no-fire zone in Vanni by the Sri Lankan army. When the Sri Lankan army apprehended a few nice-looking children from the no-fire zone in May 2009, these children were with their parents. The Sri Lankan army took the children away with their parents in a truck. On the way out to the army camp, the Sri Lankan army threw the parents from their truck and shot at them. Some of them were lucky enough to survive. Thse surviving parents are looking for their missing children. One of them is Mrs. Jeyavanitha Kasipillai and her disappeared daughter’s name is Jeromy Kasipillai. She was 14 when she was abducted.

Mrs. Kasipillai and the other parents have explored many ways to find their children, including a meeting with the President Sirisena and another meeting with his ministers. Nothing was fruitful.

“We want the UN officials and member states to ask Mr. Sirisena ‘What happened to the Tamil children who were with him. As a president, Mr. Sirisena can order his staffs to search and find these children. But he did not.

We believe finding Jerome is a tip of the iceberg. It reveals what happened to the rest of the missing children,” continued the Tamil spokesman.

We Tamils believe, based on the US State Department’s reports, the UN Panel report, and human rights groups’ writings, that these Tamil children could have been forced to be domestic servants in the Sri Lankan army camp, made into sex slaves, sold as sex slaves to individual or a foreign country, or perhaps converted into Sinhala Buddhists.

Finding these children should be a priority for the UN, to stop future oppression and the future degradation of humankind. If the UN fails to push for this action, it will force not only the Tamils but any moral human being take their own action to find justice. It will create another war in Sri Lanka.

“Tamils are kindly asking the UN Members to ask the visiting Sri Lankan President to release the Tamil children. If they refuse, let the US and EU military to find these children. Most of the Tamils know where most of the disappeared Tamils are secretly concealed by Sri Lankan army,” said the spokesman for Tamils for Trump.

Here is the video by AL Zeera About disappeared child Jeromy:

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