Minister Mark Field, you’re utterly mistaken

‘Next year Sri Lanka will have enjoyed 10 uninterrupted years free from the misery of armed conflict. Whatever your view on how Sri Lanka has progressed since, that very fact alone is one to cherish. ………………………………..
Sri Lanka still has an historic opportunity to take the steps necessary to build enduring stability and prosperity. I firmly believe this is the future that the vast majority of Sri Lankans want, whether they be at home or overseas, and we all have a part to play in achieving that shared goal.” 
– Why does reconciliation in Sri Lanka matter to the UK? 4 October 2018,–156376.html
The South is free from the misery of amed conflict.
Only the military assaults of the war ceased in May 2009.
But the country has not yet resolved the 70-yr ethnic conflict.
Resolving the conflict isn’t even desired by the majority of the Sinhalese parliamentarians and the masses.
Hon-Mark-Field-MP-Minister-of-State-in-the-Foreign-CommonwealthThe war has taken a different form in the North – the North has been suffering from hyper-militarisation and its Psychological Operations, particularly on school children.

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