Subramaniyam Swamy wants formation of provincial councils and adoption of a unitary Constitution with subsidiary federal principals like in India must be followed in Sri Lanka

When it comes to Indo-Lankan ties, a political solution to the problem in the north and the east takes the centre-stage. Subramaniyam Suwamy feels formation of provincial councils and adoption of a unitary Constitution with subsidiary federal principals like in India must be followed in Sri Lanka.

But his close associate Mahinda Rajapaksha is known for his racist political views in Sri Lanka and is known as liar who promised the western leaders in May 2009 that if he is allowed to kill the LTTE he will implement a political package to solve the Minority Tamil problem which has been existing since independence from British for 70 years. The Western leaders turned a blind eye to the killing of more than 40,000 Tamil civilians with more than 1000 LTTE leaders who surrendered with white flag after UN negotiated the surrender, but once the killing was over in May 2009 he took cover from China and Russia refusing to implement any political package saying no LTTE so no need to implement the promised 13+ political package. Making the Western and Indians leaders look like bunch of idiots.

Suwamy said that the Indians in Delhi admire Mahinda’s  leadership for his tenacity in wiping out the treacherous LTTE, In this case, not only Mahinda secured Sri Lanka’s national security but also of India.

Subramaniyam Suwamy and Mahinda are unpopular in Tamil Nadu to the extend that Suwamy can never go to Tamil Nadu without protection from Indian commandos and Mahinda will never think of steping in Tamil Nadu because the government ADMK and opposition DMK are united in opposing him has a killer of thousands of Tamil civilians.

BJP wanted Suwamy to stand for election in Mumbai North-East constituency because it was obvious that he will loos in Tamil Nadu and not even secure the deposit because he was so unpopular in Tamil Nadu. He serves as a BJP nominated Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha.

Swamy said it is for Sri Lankan government to find ways to establish harmony. North and East Sri Lanka citizens should regard themselves as Sri Lankans first and Tamils afterwards just as Sinhalese should.  “The prime minister  Modi stressed the need for a political solution that addresses the aspirations of the Tamil community for equality, dignity, justice and self respect within the framework of a united Sri Lanka,” Necessarily the question arises whether the Indian PM is patriotic or not? And Swamy is the chairman of the airman of the Committee for Strategic Action of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) !!!

On the current validity of Indo-Lanka Accord that provided for the establishment of the provincial councils Suwamy said that the Indo-Lanka Accord has outlived its utility. All that remains is formation of provincial councils and adoption of a unitary Constitution with subsidiary federal principals (for example as it is in India).

Swamy is well known for his critical views against the “Aryan versus Dravidian” politics of Periyar E. V. Ramasamy, calling it as the theory forwarded by the British.[134] He has been a staunch opponent of the armed rebel group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.[135][136][137][138] He also urged the Indian government not to support the US led resolution condemning war crimes in the Sri Lankan Civil War, citing it as one-sided and not in the interest of India.[139][140] Swamy moved the court and got the order restoring quota for Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in colleges in the state.[141]

Swamy, on several occasions, has voiced support for the state of Sri Lanka in its role during Sri Lanka’s protracted civil war with the LTTE, for which he was criticised as “pro Lanka” by his political opponents domestically.[120][121][122][123][124] In an interview given to The Sunday Leader newspaper, Swamy stated that the Indian government should attend the CHOGM meeting held in Colombo despite stiff opposition from Indian politicians in Tamil Nadu concerned for the welfare and human rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka, placing the onus on the LTTE for human rights violations during the Sri Lankan civil war,[125][126] he had favoured Mahinda Rajapaksa also during Sri Lanka 2015 election.[127][128][129]

In response to the 2011 Mumbai bombings, he wrote an editorial in Daily News and Analysis (DNA). Some of Swamy’s suggestions in the article are:

  • The Hindu is the target and that Muslims of India are being programmed by a slow reactive process to become radical and thus slide into suicide against Hindus.
  • Remove Article 370, and re-settle ex-servicemen in the Valley. Create Panun Kashmir for Hindu Pandit community. Look or create opportunity to take over PoK. If Pakistan continues to back terrorists, assist the Baluchis and Sindhis to struggle for independence.
  • Enact a national law prohibiting conversion from Hindu religion to any other religion.
  • Only Muslims who “acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindus” be allowed to vote in India.
  • Propagate the development of a Hindu mindset.[146]

Swamy had written a similar column in The New Indian Express after the 2008 Mumbai attacks. As a result of his “reprehensible” views in the articles, Harvard University cancelled two economics courses taught at the university by Swamy.[147]

On 3 August 2011 the National Commission for Minorities decided to file civil charges against Swamy for the article and promoting on the basis of religion.[148] On 4 October 2011 the Delhi Police registered the case.[149] Swamy was then granted police protection by the Delhi High Court.[150] On 30 January 2012 Swamy was granted anticipatory bail by the court with the condition that he would not write such articles in the future.[151]

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