British Police release TGTE members arrested during protest against SL PM’s visit

Sockalingam Yogalingam is a Human Rights Activists and a politician, who is a member of the Transnational Government for Tamil Eelam in the United Kingdom. Yogalingam is the Deputy Minister of Sports and Community Health.[1] [2]He also contested the seat of Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner in UK general elections in 2015, represented the National Liberal Party.[3][4][5][6] He is the Assistant Director of the Human Rights group Act Now.[7][8]

He studied his advanced level at Jaffna Central College[9] before leaving the country in 1985 due to Killing of thousands of Tamils by the SL Government supported violence on Tamil minority. He  completed HND in computer diploma in the 1998-2000 in UK and started helping the Tamil refugees in UK.

TGTE MP Sockalingam Yogalingam, who was arrested by the British police for demonstrating against the visit of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to London last week, was later discharged. During Wickremasinghe’s visit to speak at the Oxford Union last Monday, a group of TGTE activists staged a demonstration opposite the University. Waving Tamil National flags they shouted ‘Ranil go home’.

It is learned from Videos on you tube taken during the arrest that, possibly a staff or a person associated to Sri Lankan High Commission in UK complained to the police that TGTE members led by Yogalingam were waving LTTE flag and LTTE was banned in UK. The complain was that Yogalingam was a member of LTTE a proscribed terrorist organisation in UK and Oxford police took immediate action by arresting him and three more protesters for holding the Tamil National Flag and instructed the South East Counter Terrorism Unit to check their houses.  All four were arrested for belonging to a proscribed organization, but they were not been charged yet because there was no evidence to suspect that they were members of LTTE.

Yogalingam’s home in London was searched by officers of the South East Counter Terrorism Unit, who seized two old mobile phones, his bank statements, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) leaflets, and a leaflet of him contesting the UK General Election in 2015.

unnamed (2)Yogalingam, who is also known as Yogi, is a member of TGTE. Although Yogi is a member of TGTE, he contested the seat of Ruislip in the 2015 British general election representing the National Liberal Party and lost.

When Yogalingam was taken into police custody, British MPs Paul Scully, Siobhain McDonagh,Bob Blackman, Zac Goldsmith, Joan Ryan, Wes Streeting, Theresa Villiers and Virendra Sharma sent a letter to the British Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary confirming that he was a known HR Activists and they knew that he was a active Human Rights activists helping the refugees in UK.

Dr Arujuna Sivananthan the leader of Tamils for Conservative and Mr Senthil Kandiah the Leader of Tamils for Labour jointly contacted the MP’s and helped the release of the protesters.

The arrest of a British Tamil activist on the apparent bidding of Sri Lankan officials, was an ‘outrage’ and an attack on British values, the British Tamil Conservatives (BTC) said. 

  • It is the equivalent of someone from the Iranian or Burmese mission inciting a UK police force to arrest a peacefully protesting British citizen when a member of their government is visiting,” the group said. “It is an outrage.”
  • These actions attack the heart of rights we enjoy as British citizens including the right to peacefully protest,” the group said.
  • While Mr Yogalingam has now been released, we join our MPs in urging the Home Secretary to investigate the circumstances of this arrest and the undue involvement of Sri Lankan officials.
  • The UK government was instrumental in harnessing international pressure for accountability and justice in Sri Lanka with regards to the crimes that took place during the war, and ongoing violations after.
  • However Sri Lanka has failed to meet its commitments around accountability and justice, about which British Tamils will continue to be vocal, regardless of attacks by Sri Lankan officials.


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