High Commission in London Vs Tamil activists move to involve Sri Lanka in London arrests

The British MPs, in a letter to Home Secretary Sajid Javid and copied to the British Foreign Secretary, allege that action against the protesters was urged by Sri Lanka Government officials who also filmed the protest, “According to information provided to us by sources at the scene, the arrests were carried out at the behest of Sri Lankan Government officials who were filming the protest”.

Sri Lanka’s paper reports that ”Our sources suggest, the complaint to the Thames Valley police, against some protesters carrying the LTTE flag and one wearing a tee-shirt displaying Prabhakaran’s portrait, was made by a British citizen and not by a Sri Lanka official or one at the High Commission. The Tamil protestor who was detained overnight and his London residence searched and some items examined by police, was a member of the Transitional Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) led by New York resident Visvanathan Rudrakumaran who was one time Legal consultant to the LTTE.”

The Video taken at the protest which is on the you tube clearly shows a Sri Lankan assisting the police to the arrest and a officer saying ”He is assisting us with the investigation” If the person who was assisting the police is not a SL High Commission officer than legal action must be taken against him for misleading the British police.

It is understood that, though the unsigned APPG-T letter is copied to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the FCO is not expected to pursue this matter, leaving it to the Home Secretary to respond. Though, those held overnight last Monday were released next day, police are expected to continue with its investigations under UK’s Terrorism Law Sections 11 and 13 which states that:

A person commits an offence if he belongs to a prohibited group.
An offence is committed if a person wears an item of clothing or, carries and displays items that arouse suspicion that they are part of a forbidden organisation.

Dr Arujuna Sivananthan

British MPs Concerned About Tamil Activist’s Arrest Write To Home Secretary

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By DR ARUJUNA SIVANANTHAN Relieved for Yogalingam and his family that he was released within 24 hours of his arrest. Though it must be harrowing experience. While our community has an excellent relationship with the Metropolitan Police, it shows that the Sri Lankan mission, its operatives are willing to exploit the lack of knowledge and history of other UK police forces to harass, and file false and vexatious complaints against Tamil activists. The intervention by the APPG was both timely and informs the FCO, Home Office and Police Forces of the still malevolent intent that its foreign missions bear against Tamils. Its also tells the Sri Lankan government that we will use all levers to protect the community from its attempts to once again criminalise […]


British Police release TGTE members arrested during protest against SL PM’s visit

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Sockalingam Yogalingam is a Human Rights Activists and a politician, who is a member of the Transnational Government for Tamil Eelam in the United Kingdom. Yogalingam is the Deputy Minister of Sports and Community Health.[1] [2]He also contested the seat of Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner in UK general elections in 2015, represented the National Liberal Party.[3][4][5][6] He is the Assistant Director of the Human Rights group Act Now.[7][8] He studied his advanced level at Jaffna Central College[9] before leaving the country in 1985 due to Killing of thousands of Tamils by the SL Government supported violence on Tamil minority. He  completed HND in computer diploma in the 1998-2000 in UK and started helping the Tamil refugees in UK. TGTE MP Sockalingam Yogalingam, who was arrested by the British police for demonstrating against the visit of Sri Lankan […]

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